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In the molecule compounds the weak attraction forces are known as __, or van der Waals forces
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The force between two oppositely charged ends of two polar molecules is a ___________ force. The more polar the molecule, the stronger the dipole-dipole force.dipole-dipoleWhich of the following best describes van der Waals forces?weak intermolecular forces between moleculesUnequal sharing of electrons results in a ___________polar covalent bondA _____________ bond is an especially strong dipole-dipole force between a hydrogen end of one dipole and fluorine, oxygen, or nitrogen atom on another dipolehydrogenElectron pairs ____________each other and causes molecules to be in fixed positions relative to each otherrepelBeCl2 has ____________ of electrons shared with the central Be atom. The bonding electrons have maximum separation and a bond angle of ________________ . The shape is _____________.two pairs, 180, linearIf electrons come from two different atomic orbitals, such as a p or s, they must rearrange or combine into a ___________with the same shape and energy levelhybrid orbitalC - Cl bonds are symmetrical in CCl4. Electric charge measured at any distance from the center is identical on all sides. Partial charges are balanced and are thus ____________.nonpolarO-H bonds are asymmetric in water. There is a definite positive end and a definite negative end. Thus__________________polar