The act of partition is most similar to which other type of notarial insturment?
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Parties who own property in indivison:own a proportional interest of an entire tract shared with other co-owners.Partitions made in testamentscan be made by olographic or notarial testamentJones and Swift are co-owners of 40 acres of property. Jones would like to lease the property so Jackson can raise cattle. In order to affect the entire property, who must consent to the lease?Both Jones and SwiftIf Jones owns 70% of 40 acres and Swift owns 30%, what are the proportional share of the fruits produced?Jones receives 70% of the proceeds and Swift receives 30%The following statutory directives are required for acts of partition:marital status change declaration and property tax matter designeeDistributions of property by partition in donation inter vivos or by testamentare distinct from the contract of partition and subject to form requirements applicable to donations or testaments.