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Western Civ

Chapter 18 & 19 selected multiple choice
D. Underestimating the depth of northern oppositions to the spread of slavery.
One of Stephen Douglas's mistakes in proposing the Kansas- Nebraska Act was
B. The new Republican political party
Undoubtedly the most durable offspring of the Kansas- Nebraska blunder was
e. Missouri Compromise
Stephen A. Douglas's plans for deciding the slavery questions in the Kansas- Nebraska scheme required repeal of the
a. Popular Sovereignty
Stephen A. Douglas proposed that the question of slavery in the Kansas-Nebraska Territory be decided
b. Demanding a strong fugitive-slave law
In light of future evidence, it seems apparent that the Compromise of 1850 the south made a tactical blunder by
e. Self-purchase or voluntary emancipation
During the 1850s, slaves probably gained their freedom most frequently by
a. By helping slaves escape to Canada
Harriet Tubman gained fame
b. Would cause more costly wage labor to wither away
The Free Soilers argued that slavery
e. Discovery of gold in California
The event that threatened to destroy the longstanding equality of free and slave states in the United States senate was the
b. Fit in with the democratic tradition of self-determination
People liked popular sovereignty because it
e. The people in any given territory
According to the principle of popular sovereignty, the question of slavery in the territories would determined by
b. It destroyed the chances of free white workers to rise up wage-earning dependence
The free soil party of 1848 harbored many northerns who stood squarely against slavery in the territories primarily on the grounds that
e. Acquisition of the Oregon territory
The united states' victory in the Mexican War resulted in all of the following except
a. Nullification crisis in South Carolina
In declaring their independence, the Confederate States relied heavily on the example of
e. The constitution did not authorize him to force southern states to stay in the Union
Lame Duck" President James Buchanan believed that
d. Rejoiced because it gave them an excuse to secede
When Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 presidential election people in South Carolina
b. A-2,B-4,C-1,D-3
Match each presidential candidate in the 1860 election below with his party's position on slavery
A. Abraham Lincoln 1 extend slavery into the territories
B. Stephen Douglas 2 ban slavery from the territories
C. John Breckenridge 3 preserves the Union by compromise
D. John Bell 4 enforce popular sovereignty
e. The north was dominated by " Browns-Loving" republicans
After John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry, the South concluded that
b. Demonstrate that blacks could fight for their own freedom
In his raid on Harpers Ferry, John Brown intended to
e. Douglas defeated Lincoln for the senate
As a result of the Lincoln-Douglas debates
c. C,A,B,D
Arrange these events in chronological order: (A) Dred Scott decision, (B) Lincoln-Douglas debates, (C) Kansas-Nebraska Act, and (D) Harpers Ferry raid.
d. Anti-catholic and antiforeign attitudes
Natives in the 1850s were known for their
c. Popular sovereignty
The situation in Kansas in the mid-1850s indicated the impracticality of__________ in the territories.
b. Slave territory
In 1855, proslavery southerners regarded Kansas as
D. would have nothing to do with the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law
As a result of reading Toms Cabin, many northerners
e. A powerful political force
Uncle Tom's Cabin may be described as
a. Intended to show the cruelty of slavery
Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel, Uncle Toms Cabin
c. Slavery would be constitutional only in those areas that were already slave territories
In 1857, the supreme court ruled in the Dred Scott decision that