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African Civilations


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The Sahel is a "coastline" of what geographic feature?
Sahara Desert
What was West Africa's earliest known culture?
What was the way of life of Africa's earliest people?
What does the word Bantu mean
The people
Where are Africa's rainforests located?
West Africa, Savannah
What are Africa's savannas?
grassy plains
What were the main direction of the migrations of the Bantu-Speaking people?
South/South east
What city was the center of trade in Aksum?
What are push-pull factors?
Things that can push people put of an area or pull people into a new one
What did King Ezana of Aksum establish as the kingdoms official religion during his reign
What reason is believed to have promoted the Bantu Migration
what is the main belief of animism
Worshiped dead ancestors
Why is the city of Djenne-Djeno famous?
It was the oldest known city in Africa south of the Sahara
What is one way historians can trace the patterns of migration?
Through the pattern of languages spoken
What conflict contributed to the fall of Aksum?
Islamic invaders.
From which region did the Bantu-speaking peoples migrate south?
What was unusual about the West African Iron Age?
skipped bronze age
What was the role of the griot on West African society?
Passed history down orally
What was the major reason that the city of Audulis attracted foreigners?
port city
What was the most likely cause of the beginnings of the Bantu migration?
the development of agriculture, push pull
What was the effect of the migration of the bantu-speaking people?
Spread their language, unifying south africa
the Aksum civilization probably began as a blend of what two cultures?
The Arab peoples and the Kushites
In Africa, as elsewhere, what led to specialization and permanent villages?
The development of agriculture
What was the basis for power in Audulis?
trade and alliances
When did the kingdom of Askum decline and fall?
632-750 islam invaders
What lasting legacies did the Askum Kingdom leave?
Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, stone architecture, and terrace farming
how does the pattern of where languages are spoken help experts trace the movement of people through history?
If two languages have similar words, it is likely the people who spoke them were close in contact