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abide by

(v) tuân thủ
eg: Two parties agreed to _____ the judge's decision.


(n) hợp đồng, sự thống nhất chung
eg: According to the _____, the caterer will also supply the flowers for the event.


(n) sự đảm bảo
eg: The sales associate gave his _____ that the missing keyboard would be replaced the next day.


(v) huỷ bỏ
eg: The man _____ed his magazine subscription and got his money back.


(v) quyết định
eg: After reading the contract, I was still unable to _____ if our company was liable for back wages.


(v) thuê, mướn
eg: We _____ed a salsa band to play at the reception.


(v) gây dựng nên, thành lập, taọ nên
eg: The merger of the two companies _____ed a powerful new corporation.


(v) bắt tuân thủ, bắt phải tuân theo
eg: The contractor was _____ed by the contract to work 40 hours a week.


(n) đảng phái, bên, phía (đối tác)
eg: The _____ies agreed to settlement in their contract dispute.


(n) điều khoản (hợp đồng)
eg: The contract contains a _____ to deal with how payments are made if John loses his job.


(v) giải quyết (vấn đề)
eg: The mediator was able to _____ the problem to everyone's satisfaction.


(v) chỉ rõ, định rõ
eg: The letter does not _____ which attorney is handing our case.


(v) thu hút
eg: The new advertising _____s the wrong kind of customer into the store.


(v) so sánh
eg: The price for this brand is high _____ed to the other brands on the market.


(v) đấu tranh, cạnh tranh
eg: We _____ed against three other agencies to get this contract.


(v) tiêu thụ, tiêu dùng
eg: Chen _____s more than his share of computer time.


(v) thuyết phục (= persuade)
eg: The salesman _____ed his customer to buy his entire inventory of pens.


(adj) đang tồn tại, đang thịnh hành
eg: It is important to read _____ magazines to see how competitors market their products.


(n) mốt nhất thời
eg: The mini dress was a _____ once thought to be finished, but now it is making a comeback.


(v) truyền cảm hứng
eg: His painting style was _____ed by the works of the Old Masters.


(v) tiếp thị
When Omar first began making his chutneys, he _____ed them door-to-door to gourmet shops.


(v) thuyết phục (= convince)
eg: No amount of marketing could _____ Doris to give up her old, but reliable, laundry soap.


(adj) năng suất, sản lượng cao
eg: Alonzo is excited about his _____ sales territory.


(v) làm hài lòng
eg: If you don't know what kind of gift will _____ your friend, think about giving a gift certificate instead.


(adj) đặc tính, đặc điểm
eg: The cooking pot has features _____ of the band, such as "stay cool" handles.


(n) hậu quả, kết quả
eg: As a _____ of not having seen a dentist for several years, Lydia had several cavities.


(v) cân nhắc, xem xét
eg: After ____ing all the options, Della decided to buy a used car.


(v) bao bọc, bao gồm, bảo vệ, che đậy
eg: Will my medical insurance _____ this surgery?


(v) hết hạn
eg: The warranty protection on this product will _____ on year after the date of purchase.


(adv) thường xuyên
eg: Applicances _____ come with a one-year warranty.


(v) ám chỉ
eg: The travel agent _____ed that our hotel was not in the safest part of the city, but, when pressed for details, he said the location was fine.


(v) hứa hẹn, đảm bảo
eg: The sales associate _____ed that our new mattress would arrive by noon on Sunday.


(v) bảo vệ
eg: Consumer laws are designed to _____the public against unscrupulous vendors.


(n) danh tiếng, thương hiệu
eg: The company knew that the _____ of its products was the most important asset it had.


(v) yêu cầu, đòi hỏi
eg: The law requires that each item clearly display the warranty information.


(v) thay đổi, biến đổi
eg: The amount of protection offered by different policies will _____.


(v) hướng tới, nhắm đến
eg: Marco's business plan _____es the needs of small business owners.


(v) tránh
eg: To _____ going out of business, owners should prepare a proper business plan.


(v) chứng minh, làm sáng tỏ
eg: The professor _____ed through a case study that a business plan can impress a lender.


(v) mở rộng, phát triển, cải tiến
eg: The restaurant Wanda opened ten years ago has _____ed into a national chain.


(v) đánh giá
eg: It's important to _____ our competition when making business plan.


(v) thu thập, tập hợp
eg: We _____ed information for our plan from many sources.


(v) đưa ra
eg: We _____ed the job of writing the business plan to Devon.


(adj) chính, chủ yếu, ưu tiên
eg: The _____ reason for writing a business plan is to avoid common errors.


(n) nguy cơ, mối nguy hiểm
eg: Expanding into a new market is a big _____.


(n) chiến lược
eg: A business plan is a ____ for running a business and avoiding problems.


(adj) mạnh mẽ, kiên cố, vững chắc
eg: Even in a _____ economic climate, many businesses fail, so do your planning carefully.


(v) thay thế, thế chỗ
eg: Don't try to _____ intuition for good planning.


(v) dàn xếp, đáp ứng, làm thích nghi
eg: The meeting room was large enough to _____ the various needs of the groups using it.


(n) sự sắp xếp, kế hoạch
eg: The travel _____ were taken care of by Sara, Mr. Billings's capable assistant.


(n) tổ chức, hiệp hội
eg: Local telephone companies formed an _____ to serve common goals, meet their common needs, and improve efficiency.


(v) tham gia, hướng tới
eg: The hotel manager _____ed to all our needs promptly.

get in touch

(v) liên lạc, liên hệ
eg: As soon as we arrive at the hotel, we will _____ with the manager about the unexpected guests.


(v) tổ chức, tiến hành
eg: She _____s an annual seminar that is very popular.


(n) địa điểm, vị trí
eg: The _____ of the meeting was changed from the Red room to the Green room.


(adj) quá đông
eg: To avoid being _____, we limited the number of guests that members could bring.


(v) đăng ký, ghi danh
eg: Hotels ask all guests to _____ and give a home address.


(v) chọn
eg: The winners were _____ed from the conference registrants.


(n) kỳ họp, phiên họp
eg: The morning _____s tend to fill up first, so sign in early.

take part in

(v) tham gia, tham dự
eg: We could not get enough people to _____ the meeting, so we canceled it.

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