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Who is the main character in Wednes day Wars?


Why is he convinced that Mrs.Baker hates him?

she stares at him

Why does Mr.Hoodhood ask if Mrs.Baker is related to the family that owns the sports emporium?

He is trying to get a job there

Why must Holling get along with Mrs.Baker?

So his dad can get a job.

What happens to the cream puffs while Holling is working?

they get covered in chalk dust

Why do his classmates threaten him the next day?

because he got a cream puff and they did not

Why does Meryl Lee treat Holling the way she does?

she likes him

How did Holling get cream puffs for his class?

he agreed to take part in a play

What happened to them?(cream puffs)

They got eaten by rats

Why is Holling upset about the part he has to play?

because he has to be a fairy

Why does Mrs.Baker take down the decorations in her classroom?

she was sad her husband was in Miami

What did Holling want from Mickey Mantle?

a signed baseball

How did he treat Holling?

He told him no and made fun of him.

Why did Doug show up to school with a black eye?

his brother punched him in the eye

How did Holling save his sister?

he pushed her out of the way of the car

Why do u think Mr.Hoodhood was especially upset about the ceiling?

because it was the perfect house

Why is Holling so angry with Meryl Lee after their date?

she stole his dad's idea

What did Mr.Kowalski do in the presentation?

he used Hoodhood's

Why does Holling's sister disagree with their father so much>

she's a hippee

What happened to Danny when he went through the woods during the race?

He got beaten up by the 8th graders

What did Holling's sister do in May that was so drastic?

she ran away from home

What is her name?


Who went to pick her up?


What was the class field trip in June?

a camping trip

Who did Eleanor Roosevelt marry?


What is a limerick?

a five line poem

When 2 lines rhyme next to each other, what are those called?


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