Biology 1101 Set 2


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prokaryotic organisms lack
eukaryotic cells may contain all of the following except
a peptidoglycan cell wall
what cell type in animals has a flagellum
saturated fatty acids have __ than unsaturated fatty acids, which is why they exist as __ as room temperature
fewer double bonds; solid
bud off from the endoplasmic reticulum
all of the following are proteins except
glycogen belongs to a class of molecules known as
the lipids within the fluid mosaic of the plasma membranes are held in place by
hydrophobic interactions
the net movement of molecules from locally concentrated regions to uniform distributions is best described as
an amino acid is to a polypeptide as
a nucleotide is to nucleic acid
the principal components of a cell membrane is
a complex polymer built of amino acids is called a(n)
which of the following statements about a cytoskeleton is false
it is a three-dimensional structure that fills the cytoplasm
in aquatic environments, water moves __
down the water concentration gradient
which of the following is a difference between the smooth and rough ER
A) the rough is a site of protein synthesis and the smooth is a site of lipid synthesis C) the rough is covered in ribosomes and the smooth is not
all lipids are
not soluble in water
which type of macromolecule is an informational molecule
nucleic acid
which of the following facts supports the claim that mitochondria developed from bacteria that were long ago phagocytosed into eukaryotic cells
mitochondria have their own DNA
passive transport of water across a membrane from a solution of lower solute concentration to a solution of higher solute concentration is best described as
the principal component of cell membranes are
lipids (phospholipid bilayer)
mitochondria are thought to have evolved from free-living bacteria that were incorporated into eukaryotic cells by endosymbiosis. which of the following pieces of evidence for this hypothesis is INCORRECT
mitochondria can survive and reproduce independently when moved from the host cell
on food packages 'insoluble fiber' refers to a plant material that we cant fully digest but is important for maintaining a healthy digestive tract. the substance refers to a(n)
increase the rate at which a reaction occurs
which of the following best defines diffusion
net movement of particles from areas of high concentration to low concentration
an unsaturated fatty acid is one which
carbon-carbon double bonds are present in the hydrocarbon chain
phospholipids assemble spontaneously into bilayers driven by the attraction of their "tail" portions to each other and their "head" portions to each other. the head potion is
figuratively, the primary structure of proteins is often described as amino acids connected like beads on a string. in this same vein, which of the following images best describes protein quarternary structure
threads in a cloth
DNA is made of
which of the following is a cellular characteristic of all eukaryotes
nuclear membrane
a complex polymer built of monosaccharides is called
sugar and CO2 are dissolved in water. which is the solute
CO2 and sugar
which statement is not part of the modern cell theory
cells arrived here from outerspace
all of the above
sucrose and lactose are examples of
energy used in cellular respiration can originate from
fats, carbs, proteins
lactose is a combination of
glucose and galactose
the secondary structure of a protein refers to
the hydrogen bonds causing twisting of amino acid chains into repeating patterns
which of the following is not true of all cells
they move by means of flagella or cilia
The primary function of molecular membranes is the transport of ions and molecules in and out of cells-transport is directional and selective. The moving of molecules from areas of high concentration to that of low concentration to gain energy is best described as:
passive transport
which of the following are all monosaccharides
glucose, fructose, galactose
which of the following is not an important function of lipids
all of the above (insulation, regulation of growth and development, energy storage, protection of internal organs)
osmosis is __ specialized than diffusion because it involves __
more; water