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  1. Immunization
  2. Lymph
  3. Kupffer's cells
  4. Bcells
  5. Memory Cells
  1. a a lymphocyte, activated they develop into plasma cells, which secrete antibodies into the blood - alsoy called blymphocyte
  2. b Specialized fluid formed in the tissue spaces that returns excess luid and protein molecules to the blood
  3. c macrophage found in the spaces between liver cells
  4. d cell that remains in resrve in the lymph nodes until its ability to secrete antibodyes is needed
  5. e deli berate artifical exposre to disease to produce acquired immunity

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  1. located near the base of the tongue
  2. specific antibody produced from a population of identical cells
  3. rapid fire series of chemical reactions involving proteins called complements (normal present in blood plasma) which are triggered by certain antibody antigen reactions (and other stimuli) and resulting in the formation of tiny protein rings that create holes in a foreign cell and thus cause its destruction
  4. resistance to disease organisms resulting from the actions of cells, chiefly sensitized t cells
  5. same as nonspecific immunity

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  1. Lymphatic capillariesVessels that carry lymph to its eventual return to the circulatory system


  2. Interferonsmall proteins produced by the immune system that inhibit virus multiplication


  3. Antibody mediated immunityimmunity that is produced when antibodes make antigens unable to harm the body


  4. Immune Systemdeli berate artifical exposre to disease to produce acquired immunity


  5. pharyngeal tonsilslocated near the base of the tongue