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  1. Antibody mediated immunity
  2. Afferent lymph vessels
  3. Macrophanges
  4. Clone
  5. Inflammatory response
  1. a phagocytic cells in the immune system
  2. b small lymphatic vessels that carry lymphatic fluid toward a lymp note
  3. c nonspecific immune process produced in response to injury and resulting in redness, pain, heat and swelling and promoting movement of white blood cells to the affected area
  4. d any family of many identical cells descended from a single parent cell
  5. e immunity that is produced when antibodes make antigens unable to harm the body

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  1. Fluid located in the microscopic spaces between the cells
  2. biological filtration of lymph on its way to the circulatory system
  3. substance that, when introduced into the body causes formation of antibodies against it
  4. also known as adenoids, can become swollen, near the posterior opening of the nasal cavity
  5. located near the base of the tongue

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  1. Allergyhypersensitivity of the immune system to relatively harmless invironment


  2. Monoclonal Antibodiessubstance produced by the body that destroys or inactivates a specific substance that has entered the body


  3. Lactealsa lymphocyte, activated they develop into plasma cells, which secrete antibodies into the blood - alsoy called blymphocyte


  4. Hybridomasfused or hybrd cells that continue to produce the same antibody as the orginal lymphocyte


  5. Lymphany family of many identical cells descended from a single parent cell


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