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  1. Spleen
  2. Lymphatic capillaries
  3. Innate immunity
  4. Immunization
  5. Immune System
  1. a largest lymphoid organ in the body
  2. b same as nonspecific immunity
  3. c tiny blind ended tubes distributed in the tissue spaces
  4. d The body's defense system against disease
  5. e deli berate artifical exposre to disease to produce acquired immunity

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  1. cells that secrete copious amounts of antibody into the blood
  2. hypersensitivity of the immune system to relatively harmless invironment
  3. immunity that is produced when antibodes make antigens unable to harm the body
  4. phagocytic cells in the immune system
  5. small lymphatic vessels that carry lymphatic fluid toward a lymp note

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  1. Bcellsanother name for t lymphocyte- cells critical to the function of the immune system, produce cell mediated immunity


  2. Intterstitial FluidFluid located in the microscopic spaces between the cells


  3. Splenectomysurgical removal of the damages spleen


  4. Humoral immunityalso antibody mediated immunity


  5. Palatine tonsilsalso known as adenoids, can become swollen, near the posterior opening of the nasal cavity


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