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a colonist who remained loyal to Great Britain.
These were people in the colonies who wanted to remain under British rule.


the law making part of the British government, similar to the Continental Congress in the United States.


people who settled, or lived in the colonies.


a person who runs a colony, or state.


people of countries fighting on the same side, against a common enemy. People, or countries who helped each other. A friend, who is united for a common purpose.


soldiers who were ready to fight in minutes. These people freely performed a service. Volunteers.


a home, or some place to live.


a tax placed on imports and exports.


to take back, or cancel the law.


a colonist who was opposed, or against the British rule. People in American colonies who wanted the colonies to break away from Great Britain. People who fought for freedom.


neither a patriot, or a loyalist. An American colonist who didn't support either side in the right for independence from Great Britain.


soldiers fighting from other countries.


the lined soldiers formed on a battlefield.

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