Exam 2: Ch. 4 & 5

ATOMS -> combine to form MOLECULES -> interact to form CELLS -> make up _________________
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Epithelial tissue includes (2)epithelia and glands__________ are cellular layers of different types that cover exposed surfaces and line internal cavities and passagewaysEpitheliaEpithelia do not have ____________ _____________ and often contain secretory cells, or gland cells, scattered among the other cell types.blood vesselsWhat are the two types of glands?endocrine and exocrine______________ _______________ secrete onto external surfaces or into internal passageways (ducts) that connect to the exteriorExocrine glands______________ ______________ secrete hormones (chemical messengers) or their inactive precursors (pro-hormones) into the interstitial fluid that then enter the bloodstream for distribution.Endocrine glands_____________ _______________ are characteristics of epithelial cells lining the intestinal tract, where they form a barrier that isolates the basolateral surfaces and deeper tissues from the contents of the lumen. (p. 148)Tight JunctionsAn ______________ _________ locks together the terminal webs of neighboring cells, strengthening the apical region and preventing distortion and leakage at the tight junctions. (p. 148)adhesion belt__________ ______________ permit chemical communication (diffusion of ions and small molecules) that coordinates the activities of adjacent cells. (p. 148)Gap JunctionsHow are the deepest epithelial cells attached to the basement membrane?By hemidesmosomesThe basement membrane is made up of the ____________ _______________ and the _____________ ______________.basal lamina and reticular laminaAt gap junctions, two cells are held together by interlocking transmembrane proteins called _________________.connexons-the bodies most delicate type of epithelium. -located in protected regions where absorption or diffusion takes place or where slick, slippery surface reduces frictionsimple squamous epithelium-generally located where physical or chemical stresses are severe. -the cells form a series of layers, like the layers in a sheet of plywood. -surface of the skin and line the mouth, throat, esophagus, rectum, anus, and vaginaStratified squamous epitheliumOn exposed body surfaces, where physical stress and dehydration are potential problems, apical layers of the epithelial cells are packed with filaments of the protein _____________keratin-provides limited protection -occurs where secretion or absorption takes place -lines portions of the kidney tubules and secretory chambers in the thyroid glandsimple cuboidal epithelium