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Religion People Part 2

St. Dominic
wealthy Spanish noble who became priest. convinced of need for scholars and preachers who lived simple lives. He had an appreciation for Gospels and Catholic teachings and his followers became known as Dominicans
St. Thomas Aquinas
A dominican who was slow in giving anwers and was nicknamed "dumb ox". became one of Church's greatest writers and thinkers. wrote Summa Theologica
St. Catherine of Siena
wrote letters and visited Pope in Avignon. the Pope returned to Rome in 1377
Martin Luther
priest who was a professor of theology and scripture in Germany. He wanted to stop abuse in the Church. He posted a list of 95 objections and the Pope forbade him to write abotu his ideas. He was excommunicated.
John Calvin
started the Presbyterian Church
King Henry VIII
Man who's wife was unable to bear a son so he wanted the Pope to declare his marriage invalid so he could marry Anne Boleyn. The Pope refused, so he declared that he was in charge of the Church of England and anyone who disagreed was beheaded. This became the Anglican church
Anne Boleyn
wife of King Henry VIII
St. Vincent de Paul
did not imitate leaders of his time. he was a talented young priest in Paris, France. worked for a small present parish for one year. helped people and organized priests
St. Louise de Marillac
founded daughers of charity-card for sick and poor. believed helping poor was a privilege
St. Julie Buillart
was present as child when father was shot. no one was hurt but she was paralyzed from shock. gathered people to her bedside to preach. escaped death; cured of paralysis
Pope Leo XIII
wrote and encyclical called rerum novarum
Pope Pius XI
called the first Vatican Council; issued syllabus of errors
Pope John XXIII
called second Vatican Council;died during the council
Pope Paul VI
continued council after Pope John XXIII died