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  1. Spanish Campaign
  2. Legislative Assembly
  3. Louis XVI
  4. Battle of Leipzig
  5. Maximilien Robespierre
  1. a - Invades Spain and makes brother King of Spain.
    - Portuguese and Spanish rebel, British assist.
    - Guerrilla War waged by Spanish and Portuguese.
    - Lasts 6 years; 300,000 French die.
  2. b - King of France (1774-1792). In 1789 he summoned the Estates-General, but he did not grant the reforms that were demanded and revolution followed. Louis and his queen, Marie Antoinette, were executed in 1793.
  3. c "The Incorruptible."This was a Jacobin leader who gained control of the Committee of Public Safety in 1793. He tried to execute anyone he thought was an enemy to the French Revolution. This led to the Reign of Terror.
  4. d Also known as the Battle of the Nations; in October 1813, the combined armies of the fourth coalition decisively defeated Napoleon and the French army
  5. e 1791—1792: War w/
    Austria; Sept. Massacres; rise of Paris

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  1. the great draft started by the French government to gather as many men as possible for their European wars
  2. -abolished Sundays & religious holidays.
    -months named after seasonal features.
    -7-day weeks replaced by 10-day
    -the yearly calendar was dated from
    the creation of the Republic
    [Sept. 22, 1792]
    The Convention divorced the
    state from the Church.
  3. King Louis XVI and his families attempt to escape Paris; made it only to Varennes where they were arrested and put on house arrest. End of French Monarchy
  4. French revolutionary leader who stormed the Paris Bastille and who supported the execution of Louis XVI but was guillotined by Robespierre for his opposition to the Reign of Terror (1759-1794)
  5. written by Olympe de Gouges, stated women had same rights as men (reaction to Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen), National Assembly ignored it.

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  1. EmigresFrench nobles who fled from France during the peasant uprisings. They were very conservative and hoped to restore the king to power.


  2. What was the purpose of the revolutionary policy of de-Christianization?To deal with all internal threats such as counterrevolutionaries, royalists, provinces.
    - Traitors would face justice by the guillotine.
    - 17,000 people guillotined, 23K killed by other tactics.
    - Civil war in Vendee and Lyons.


  3. How did Napoleon deal with the 3rd Coalition?Uses military tactics such as speed, surprises Austrians and 50K surrender.
    - December 1805: Austerlitz, defeats Russian and Austrian armies, Austria surrenders.


  4. Battle of Trafalgaran 1805 naval battle in which Napoleon's forces were defeated by a British fleet under the command of Horatio Nelson.


  5. JacobinsThe tiny island that Napoleon was granted after his abdication. Off the coast of Italy.