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  1. August 4th, 1789
  2. Louis XVI
  3. Napoleon vs the Royalists (Paris)
  4. Why did the Reign of Terror End?
  5. How should Napoleon's legacy be viewed? Positives/Negatives?
  1. a Napoleon defeats the French Royalists on October 5th 1795 in a decisive French Republic victory in Paris, France.
  2. b Positive:
    -Napoleon's code, nationalism.
    -Military legacy- One of the greatest.
    - Deaths of hundreds of thousands of French soldiers.
    - French economy decreased.
  3. c This is the date the National Assembly ended the Old Regime, feudalism, church tithes and the special privileges of the First/Second Estates
  4. d - King of France (1774-1792). In 1789 he summoned the Estates-General, but he did not grant the reforms that were demanded and revolution followed. Louis and his queen, Marie Antoinette, were executed in 1793.
  5. e - Thermidorean Reaction
    - Robespierre arrested, tried, and guillotined.

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  1. Political groups that agree on objectives and policies; the origins of political parties.
  2. Declaration mainly by members of the Third Estate not to disband until they had drafted a constitution for France (June 20, 1789).
  3. Queen of France, wife of King Louis XVI; she was queen during the French Revolution and disliked by many French citizens. She was found guilty of treason and guillotined.
  4. • Embraces the
    Jacobins in F.R.
    • 1793-Repels British
    fleet from Toulon
    • Promoted to B.G.
    • 1794-Arrested (T.R.)
    • 1795-Saves the
    Revolution with a
    "whiff of grape shot"
    • Promoted to General
  5. Leipzig: Napoleon was defeated in a decisive coalition victory, causing Napoleon to return to France while the Allies kept pushing on, eventually invading France.
    Waterloo: Napoleon again suffered a defeat, and this was his last battle.
    - Put and end to Napoleon's rule.

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  1. Execution of the King and QueenIt occurred in Paris occurred on July 14, 1789. While the medieval fortress and prison known as the Bastille contained only seven prisoners, its fall was the flashpoint of the French Revolution and it subsequently become an icon of the French Republic.


  2. Why and how did the rule of the Directory come to an end?- Corrupt and inefficient.
    - Napoleon overthrew it with the Coup d'etat
    - Replaced by the Consulate.


  3. De-ChristianizationFrench revolutionary leader who stormed the Paris Bastille and who supported the execution of Louis XVI but was guillotined by Robespierre for his opposition to the Reign of Terror (1759-1794)


  4. Guillotinea machine for beheading people, used as a means of execution during the French Revolution.


  5. How did Napoleon deal with the 3rd Coalition?Uses military tactics such as speed, surprises Austrians and 50K surrender.
    - December 1805: Austerlitz, defeats Russian and Austrian armies, Austria surrenders.