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  1. Great Fear
  2. Problems France/The Revolution faced by 1793.
  3. Guillotine
  4. What were the results of the Russian invasion?
  5. St. Helena
  1. a - French army destroyed
    - Napoleon flees.
  2. b a machine for beheading people, used as a means of execution during the French Revolution.
  3. c The panic and insecurity that struck French peasants in the summer of 1789 and led to their widespread destruction of manor houses and archives.
  4. d Austria, Prussia, Spain, Portugal, Britain and the Netherlands form coalition against France.
  5. e Location of Napoleon's exile

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  1. a hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes
  2. established after the Reign of Terror / National Convention; a five man group as the executive branch of the country; incompetent and corrupt, only lasted for 4 years
  3. In the French Revolution, the moderate deputies in the National Convention. They formed the majority of the assembly's members and were essential to the passage of any measures. Led by Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyes, the Plain initially voted with the moderate Girondins but later joined the Mountain in voting for the execution of Louis XVI. However, in 1794 they helped overthrow Robespierre and other extreme Jacobins.
  4. Issued on August 26, 1789. It affirmed the principles of the new state: rule of law; equal individual citizenship, collective sovereignty of the people. "Men born and remain free and equal in rights" (LIBERTY, PROPERTY, SECURITY AND RESISTANCE TO OPPRESSION). Became catechism of the revolution. Printed and disseminated in large numbers. Translated into many other languages.
  5. A violent mob that overtook Paris in the September of 1792 and killed half of the prison population of Paris.
    Took place because the attackers suspected the prisoners were counter-nationalists and were plotting against the French republic/revolution.

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  1. What problems did Napoleon's forces encounter on the Iberian Peninsula?- Had to deal with Spanish Guerrilla Warfare.
    - Portuguese and Spanish rebel, aided by the British.
    - French lose 300,000 people.


  2. What problems did Napoleon's forces face when they invaded Russia?- Had to deal with Spanish Guerrilla Warfare.
    - Portuguese and Spanish rebel, aided by the British.
    - French lose 300,000 people.


  3. Legislative Assembly1791—1792: War w/
    Austria; Sept. Massacres; rise of Paris


  4. Execution of the King and QueenThe National Convention
    voted 387 to 334 to
    execute the monarchs.
    King executed January 21, 1793.
    Marie Antoinette- October 1793


  5. What was the Levee en Masse and why was it enacted?Levee en Masse was the recruitment of men in the need to fight against European enemies. This was since the Coalition was formed against France.