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Module 4 Exam

If a person has innate resistance to a disease, the person has _____ immunity.


A 20-year-old male received a knife wound to the arm during an altercation. Which of the following types of immunity was compromised?

Natural immunity

What is a purpose of the inflammatory process?

To prevent infection of the injured tissue

A child fell off the swing and scraped her knee. The injured area becomes red and painful. Which of the following would also occur?

Edema at injured site

The mast cell, a major activator of inflammation, initiates the inflammatory response through the process of:


The directional movement of cells along a chemical gradient is termed:


A 20-year-old male shoots his hand with a nail gun while replacing roofing shingles. Which of the following cell types would be the first to aid in killing bacteria to prevent infection in his hand?


A 30-year-old male was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The glass from the shattered window cut his face and neck. The scar, however, was raised and extended beyond the original boundaries of the wound. This pattern of scarring is caused by:

Impaired collagen synthesis.

The macrophage secretion that stimulates procollagen synthesis and secretion is:

Transforming growth factor-beta.

The cleanup of a lesion involving the dissolution of fibrin clots by fibrinolytic enzymes is a process called


A 30-year-old female develops chronic inflammation after accidentally ingesting cat feces that were contaminated with toxoplasmosis. Which of the following would most likely also be present?

Granuloma formation

During inflammation, the liver is stimulated to release plasma proteins, collectively known as:

Acute phase reactants.

The phagocyte's role begins when the inflammatory response causes it to stick avidly to capillary walls in a process called:


A 2-year-old female presents with difficulty breathing and an edematous appearance. Her mother reports that the condition is recurrent and seems to occur more often during stressful situations. The child is diagnosed with angioneurotic edema. Which of the following is deficient in this child?

C1 esterase inhibitor

Bradykinin is involved in:

Increasing vascular permeability.

The primary actions of the complement cascade include:

Increased vascular permeability and vasodilation, chemotaxis, opsonization, and cell killing.

The complement system, clotting system, and kinin system share which of the following characteristics?

Activation of a series of proenzymes

Leukotrienes differ from histamine in which of the following ways

Time of release

A 25-year-old female experiences a headache and takes aspirin for relief. Which of the following effects will relieve the headache?

Decrease prostaglandin production

The predominant phagocyte of early inflammation is the:


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