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Consuming coffee, alcohol or tobacco may cause a person to experienceGastritisWhat condition occurs if the stomach is irritated and peristalsis takes place in the opposite direction?VomitingWhat drug classification does Tagamet HB HB, Zantac, Pepcid and Axid belong to?Histamine H2-receptor antagonistsWhich category of drugs do Metamucil, Dulcolax, and Senokot-S-S belong to?LaxativesWhat category of drugs inhibit gastric acid secretion?Histamine H2-receptor antagonistsAn intestinal infestation of worms can be treated with what category of drugs?AntihelminticWhat instrument can be used to visually examine the walls of the stomach, intestine or rectum?EndoscopeWhat structure prepares undigested substances for elimination from the body?Large intestinesDifficulty swallowing is known asdysphagiaA drug that suppresses nausea & vomiting to acting on the brains control center to stop nerve impulses belong to what drug category?AntiemeticsWeight loss medications may cause what side effect?Loss of fat-soluble vitaminsWhat term describes a surgically produced opening in the stomach or the abdomen?StomaWhat term is used to describe food mixed with stomach secretions?ChymePrilosec, Prevacid, Nexium, and Protonix are what?Proton pump inhibitorsPhysical measures like following a bland diet in eliminating substances such as tobacco, coffee, and alcohol should be used in combination with what drug therapy to treat what condition?UlcersA term synonymous for indigestion isDyspepsiaWhat term refers to the result of muscle spasms in the walls of the stomach and intestines?CrampsA chronic progressive disease of the liver characterized by degeneration and destruction of liver cells is what?CirrhosisWhat time is used to describe small outgrows on the inside of the large intestine most often in the rectum or sigmoid colon?PolypsDuring the digestive process which structure works to absorb nutrients into the bloodstreamSmall intestineWhich condition can be treated with rest a high fiber diet antibiotics and a bulk laxative such as MetamucilDiverticulosisWhat does the term intestinal motility refer to?Speed of peristalsisStress can affect digestion b/c peristalsis & secretion of digestive enzymes are under the control of the __________________ nervous systemAutonomicWhich substance is secreted from the liver and aids in digesting fats?bileWhat drug is administered by injection and stimulates the brain center that controls vomitingAdomorphine