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803 BCE

Carthage founded

753 BCE

City of Rome founded

6th century BCE

Lao Tzu founds Daosim

509 BCE

Etruscan Kings expelled from Rome, Rome becomes a republic

451 BCE

Roman law code written down

481-221 BCE

Warring States period

479 BCE

Confucius dies

287 BCE

End of the struggle of the orders

264-241 BCE

First Punic War, naval war for Sicily, Rome wins and imposes punitive measures on Carthage

221 BCE

Qin Dynasty unites China

219-202 BCE

Second Punic War, Hannibal attacks Italy, Scipio Africanus attacks Carthage, Battle of Zama, Rome wins

206 BCE

Liu Bang overthrows Qin, begins Han Dynasty

206 BCE-220 CE

Han Dynasty

107-101 BCE

Marius elected consul

58-50 BCE

Caesar wins war in Gaul, returns to Rome w/army and declares himself dictator, takes Egypt from Pompey

44 BCE

Senate kills Caesar, Octavian and Marcus Antonius team up to kill Caesar's murderers but w/out common enemy gradually become enemies themselves, Octavian in Rome, MA in Egypt

31 BCE

Octavian wins Battle of Actium, end of Republic

483 BCE

Buddha dies

300 BCE

Agriculture develops in Japan

200 BCE-500 CE

Arrival of Korean and Chinese immigrants to Japan

111 BCE- 938 CE

Dai Viet under Chinese rule

65 CE

Buddhism arrives in China

220 CE

Han Dynasty and Confucianism fall in China

220-581 CE

Feudal period, Buddhism catches on in China

405 CE

Introduction of Chinese script in Japan

552 CE

Buddhism arrives in Japan

581-618 CE

Sui Dynasty

618-907 CE

Tang Dynasty

604 CE

Shotoku Taishi introduces constitution in Japan

710 CE

Divine Mandate established in China

755 CE

An Lushan rebellion

1000-930 BCE

Kingdom of Israel: Kings Saul, Solomon, and David

586-538 BCE

Jews held in Babylon as slaves

538 BCE

Cyrus the Great frees the Jews from Babylon

1st century BCE

Rome takes over Judaea

67-70 CE

Jewish revolt at Masada

70 CE

Romans destroy second Temple, diaspora begins

9 CE

Battle of Teutoberger Forest, Romans defeated by Germans, fixes boundary of Empire at Rhine River

3rd century CE

Reign of barracks emperors-- series of military dictators

284 CE

Diocletian becomes emperor, last of barracks emperors, persecutes Christians

313 CE

Constantine legalizes Christianity

325 CE

Nicene Council

370 CE

Huns arrive from Central Asia, drive Germans into Roman Empire

476 CE

End of Empire, Emperor Romulus Augustus deposed by Germans

3rd century CE

Domestication of camels in Africa

622 CE

Hijrah (flight of Muhammad and his followers to Medina, fight numerous battles)

632 CE

Muhammad dies

632-732 CE

Islam spreads to Spain, south along Nile, and to India

638 CE

Arab Muslims conquer Jerusalem

661-750 CE

Umayyad Caliphate, who move Caliphate's capitol to Damascus, Syria

700-1492 CE

Spain ruled by Muslims, reconquista

750-1258 CE

Abbasid Caliphate

1095 CE

Pope Urban II declares First Crusade to retake Jerusalem

1099 CE

Christians capture Jerusalem and persecute Muslims living there, end of First Crusade

1206 CE

Temujin becomes Genghis Khan

1227 CE

Temujin dies

1241 CE

Mongolian campaign to defeat Europe ends due to internal dispute over succession

1258 CE

Hugelu, GK's son, defeats Abbasid Caliphate, ending golden age of Islam

1276 CE

Kublai Khan, GK's grandson, conquers China, establishing Yuan Dynasty

700-1100 CE

State of Ghana

1100-1400 CE

State of Mali

1492 CE

end of reconquista

476-1099 CE

Middle Ages

1279-1368 CE

Yuan Dynasty

1368-1611 CE

Ming Dynasty

1433 CE

China's ocean-going voyages terminated, beginning of Chinese decline

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