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  1. zero population growth
  2. dependency ratio
  3. carrying capacity
  4. river basin
  5. glaciation
  1. a the area drained by a river and its tributaries
  2. b the number of people or animals the environment can support
  3. c the creation and movement of glaciers
  4. d the number of old and young dependents who don't work compared with the working age population. The higher the ratio, the more young and old people the workers have to support.
  5. e a condition in which the population of a country does not grow but remains stable. birth rate + immigration = death rate + emigration

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  1. the weight of the atmosphere pressing down on any point of the surface of the Earth. air sinks in high pressure areas, and few clouds form. air rises in low pressure areas to form clouds that produce rain.
  2. the flow of goods and services across national borders with little or no government control
  3. a resource that takes so long to form it can't be replaced. oil is an example
  4. a river and all the streams that flow into it
  5. the precipitation that occurs when moist air rises up the side of a mountain. as the air rises, it cools down and releases most of its moisture as rain or snow

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  1. primate citypetroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has been refined or processed into useful products


  2. tectonic movementthe movement of plates below Earth's surface


  3. population distributionwhere people live in a country, whether crowded together in cities or spread out in the countryside


  4. environmental degradationa system that allows for the year-round watering of crops


  5. doubling timethe length of time it takes for a population to double