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  1. replacement rate
  2. supranational cooperation
  3. pastoral nomads
  4. famine
  5. site
  1. a a form of international cooperation in which countries give up some control of their affairs as they work together to achieve shared goals
  2. b the total fertility rate needed for a population to replace itself. varies by country, but is about 2.1 in most developed countries
  3. c the specific place where something is located, including its physical setting
  4. d a severe shortage of food that results in widespread hunger
  5. e herders who wander, looking for water and grazing land for their animals. once their animals have grazed an area, they move on.

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  1. the way a place is positioned in relation to its wider surroundings
  2. the population of a country divided by its total land area
  3. where people live in a country, whether crowded together in cities or spread out in the countryside
  4. the area drained by a river and its tributaries
  5. the formation and eruption of volcanoes

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  1. glaciationthe buildup of salt in soil or water


  2. physical processesoil that has been discovered but remains unused in the ground


  3. arable landland suitable for growing crops


  4. common marketa system in which one country rules another country as a colony. the controlling country controls trade with its colony for its own benefit


  5. crude oilrain that can damage the environment because it contains acid from factory smoke and car exhaust. can damage plants, fish, animals, and even buildings.