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  1. acclimatize
  2. site
  3. informal economy
  4. economic interdependence
  5. information technology (IT)
  1. a the part of the economy in which goods and services are exchanged outside of government control. people in this often sell goods on the street or in a street market
  2. b the process of adjusting to lower oxygen levels at high elevation
  3. c the specific place where something is located, including its physical setting
  4. d the use of technology to move, record, and process information. includes computers, communication satellites, cell phones, and the internet.
  5. e a condition in which countries have strong economic ties and depend on each other for resources, technology, trade, and investment

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  1. a variety of people from different ethnic groups
  2. a group of countries that acts as a single market, without trade barriers between member countries
  3. water lying deep under the ground that supplies wells and springs. over half the people in the world depend on this for their drinking water
  4. the movement of plates below Earth's surface
  5. petroleum as it comes out of the ground and before it has been refined or processed into useful products

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  1. comparative advantagean area that uses the same clock time


  2. linguistic groupthe precipitation that occurs when moist air rises up the side of a mountain. as the air rises, it cools down and releases most of its moisture as rain or snow


  3. physiologic population densitythe population of a country divided by its arable land area


  4. river systema river and all the streams that flow into it


  5. erosiona seasonal wind