A qualified small succession that transfers immovable property to heirs cannot be recorded until
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The following statement is correct as to heirs in a small succession:all heirs inherit equal portions of the separate estate.The following results in a deceased's estate being disqualified for a small succession:valid testament exists, and decedent was Louisiana domiciliary.In a small succession, if the deceased had no surviving spouse and only one heir:the affidavit must be signed by a second person wo has actual knowledge of the matters stated therein.The following would result in a deceased's estate being disqualified for small succession, if the decedent was a Louisiana domiciliary:testament declared invalid for proper form.Notaries are authorized under small succession law to also file judicial successions:under NO circumstances and the notary will be subject to criminal penalties for "practicing law".Small succession affidavits:need not be witnessed as long as the affiants were duly sworn.