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  1. sovereignty
  2. repose
  3. husbandry
  4. countenance
  5. cleave
  1. a be in keeping with
  2. b put or confide something in a person or thing
  3. c adhere
  4. d royal authority
  5. e careful use of resources, frugality

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  1. ask for or request earnestly
  2. extreme ill will or spite
  3. blood-red in color
  4. capable of being perceived by the senses or the mind
  5. generosity

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  1. pratespeak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly


  2. obscurenot clearly understood or expressed


  3. beelzebubcapable of being perceived by the senses or the mind


  4. confoundsRuins


  5. surfeitedfed beyond capacity or desire