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Grade 6 - Democracy in Ancient Athens

Structures of Ancient Athnian Democracy : The Assembly
3 points
Met 40 times per year
Passed Laws by public votes at the Pnyx
All citizens could participate
Structures of Ancient Athnian Democracy : The Council of 50
4 points
500 members
Picked by lottery
Citizens serve twice for one-year terms
Could only suggest laws
Structures of Ancient Athnian Democracy : The Court
3 points
Resolved disputes
Held jury trials
Decided on punishments
Was the Council of 500 a fair organization?
The Council of 500 was a fair organization because members could serve as Councillor only twice in their lifetime. This gave more people an opportunity to be involved
Was the Assembly of Ancient Athens a Democratic organization?
The Assembly of Ancient Athens was a democratic organization because it allowed for all citisents to have a way on all issues if they wanted to. It met regularly to discuss and make laws.
In the Assembly, how could a law be passed?
In the Assembly, a law could be passed only if the majority (more than half) of the citizens supported it.
Who can be a Citizen?
Ancient Athens
Citizens in Athens were men who were born in Athens to Athenian parents.
Citizens would have to meeting the following requirements:
. had completed minitary service
. were at least 20 years of age
Therefore in Ancient Athens many people were excluded from citizenship.
Ancient Athens - Daily life of Men (male citizens).
3 points
Owned property
Received an education in math and literature at an early age
Required to train for participation in the military
Ancient Athens - Daily life of Women. 4 points
Did not own property
Spent most of their time at home and raised children
Married as early as 13 years of age
Women in Rich families were educated to run a household of servants and slaves; in poorer families, they worked with men.
Athenian Democracy - Decision making in different societies.
4 points
Majority rule
Male citizens make and vote on laws in the assembly
Male citizens participated in juries
Women were not allowed to participate in decisions.
something from a time more than 2500 years in the past