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Physics- Invented the LEVER.

Robert Boyle

Chemistry- GASES exert less pressure on their surroundings as they expand

Marie Curie

Chemistry- RADIOACTIVE ELEMENTS decompose by nuclear decay

Johann Doppler

Physics- A sound's PITCH changes as it moves toward & away the listener

George Eastman

Inventions- A CAMERA with film can be made user friendly

Jean Foucault

Earth Science- A long PENDULUM demonstrates how the Earth rotates each day

Benjamin Franklin

Physics- Darker colors ABSORB MORE HEAT than LIGHTER colors do.

Rosalind Franklin

Chemistry- DNA has a DOUBLE HELIX (twisted ladder) shaped structure


Physics- Objects continue to ACCELERATE as they fall

Heinrich Hertz

Physics- An electrified coil of wire can give off RADIO WAVES

Percy Julian

Chemistry- A CHEMICAL CHANGE is one in which something new can be formed

Lord Kelvin

Physics- a weighted wire will melt through an ICE CUBE

James Clerk Maxwell

Physics- A MAGNETIC FIELD produced by electricity depends on the direction of the electric current

Lise Meitner

Physics- Nuclear FISSION occurs when an atom splits in half, & creates a CHAIN REACTION that releases energy

Isaac Newton

Physics- Objects COOL OFF more rapidly when they are much warmer than their surroundings

Blaise Pascal

Physics- the PRESSURE of a fluid increases with increasing AREA

Nicola Tesla

Inventions- a SOLAR CELL can be used to generate electricity from the sun

Evangelista Torricelli

Physics- the PRESSURE of a fluid increases with increasing DEPTH

Alessandro Volta

Physics- a BATTERY can be made with a pile of metals & an acid solution

Granville Woods

Inventions- messages can be sent through wires with a TELEGRAPH

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