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Persian Empire (2.2.I)

Contribution 1
Pursued a policy of tolerance in dealing with the extensive territories and cultures they conquered.
Contribution 2
Introduced the idea of coinage / money economy or metal disks representing money.
Contribution 3
Created the first extensive, well built road to unite the empire. Known as the Royal Road.
Cyrus's Reign
580 - 529 B. C. E.
Cyrus: A tolerant ruler
he allowed different cultures within his empire to keep their own institutions.
Cyrus: The Greeks called him a
Cyrus: The Jews called him
"the anointed of the Lord."
(In 537, he allowed over 40,000 to return to Palestine).
Darius's Reign
526 - 485 B. C. E.
Darius: Satrap
Darius divided the empire into about twenty provinces
Darius: tribute to the king
Darius prescribed how much precious metal each province was to contribute annually.
Consequence of taking too much precious metals from circulation
The increasing burden of taxation and official corruption may have inadvertently caused the economic downturn.
Darius: Royal Road
Well-maintain road system with way stations for receiving important travelers, couriers with official correspondence, and strategic military posts.
Darius: "The King's eyes and ears"
Network of spies