The Cell Cycle

What happens in the "S phase" of the cell cycle?
DNA is synthesized (copied)
What are the steps of mitosis?
prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase (PMAT)
What are the steps of the cell cycle?
interphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase, cytokinesis (IPMATC)
What is the acronym for the cell cycle?
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What phase of the cell cycle does the cell spend 90% of it's time in?
Mitosis is ASEXUAL cell reproduction because...
it make IDENTICAL copies
What type of cells go through mitosis?
somatic cells (body cells)
What is a somatic cell?
body cell (every cell in your body except your sex cells)
What is a diploid cell?
a cell with a complete set of chromosomes (2n)
Why is mitosis important?
For growth, replace, and repair of cells
How many nuclear divisions happen during mitosis?
What phase of the cell cycle does the cell grow and synthesize DNA
What phase of the cell cycle does the cell's cytoplasm split?
What phase of the cell cycle do the centromeres break and pull chromatids in opposite directions?
What phase of the cell cycle do the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell?
What phase of the cell cycle do chromosomes form and the nucleus disappears?
What phase of the cell cycle do chromosomes go back to chromatin and the nucleus reappears?
Segment of DNA located on a chromosome?
What structures inside the nucleus carry your genetic info?
Chromosome and are held together in the middle by _________.
Uncontrolled division of cells
half of a duplicated chromosome
long strands of DNA
How is cytokinesis different in plants and animals?
animals form a cleavage furrow; plants have a cell wall, so they form a cell plate
What structure is responsible for moving the chromosomes during mitosis?
Cells will generally divide when?
when they get too large
If a cell has 40 chromosomes before division, how many chromosome will be in the daughter cells that were made after mitosis?
What are the three parts of interphase?
G1, S, and G2
Cell have to divide because _____________ increases faster than surface area.
Cells must past critical checkpoints in ____ and ______ before it can divide.
G1 and G2
Why do some cells divide more quickly than others?
because they get damaged/worn out faster
In single celled organisms, mitosis is used for ______.
what type of tumors remain clustered and easily removed?
benign tumors
what type of tumors break away and can form more tumors in other parts of the body?
binary fission only takes place in what type of organisms?
prokaryotic (bacteria)
List the organization of life (starting with cell).
cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, organisms
List three examples of mitotic reproduction:
vegetative repruction
what type of mitotic reproduction forms a new organism from a small projection growing on the surface of the parent?
(ex: yeast and hydras)
what type of mitotic reproduction does a parent organisms split into pieces
(ex: flatworms, starfish)
what type of mitotic reproduction involves modification of a stem or underground structures of the parent organism
vegetative fragmentation/reproduction
(ex: strawberries, potatoes)