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what does Mrs. D decide to do at the opening of the novel?

buy flowers for herself

who is Lucy?

a maid, or worker

what does Clarissa hear now?

squeaking of hinges

what kind of premonition does Clarissa have?

something bad will happen

where has Peter Walsh been?


how does Clarissa's neighbor describe her?

a charming woman, compared to a bird

how long has Clarissa lived in Westminster?

more than 20 years

what is the setting of the novel?

June in London

what war has just ended?


who does Clarissa run into on her walk?

Hugh Whitbread

how does Mrs. Dalloway originally know Hugh Whitbread?

childhood friends

what was Peter Walsh's opinion of Hugh?

hated him because he acts superior

how are Peter and Clarissa different?

they view nature different.. Clarissa loves nature and Peter hates it

what does Clarissa say must be in marriage?

a license to marriage and independence- 'a day apart'

what happened in Clarissa's past in the little garden by the fountain? why?

they broke up because he married a girl on a boat to India

what is Clarissa's gift?

knowing people by instinct

name some other friends of Clarissa's.

Sylvia, Fred, Sally Seton

why does Clarissa say she does things?

to impress people

how does Clarissa describe her own physical appearance?

starved herself for the Austrians

who is Miss Kilman?

Elizabeth's tutor

how would you characterize Clarissa's concerns for her daughter Elizabeth?

worried Elizabeth likes Mrs. Kilman

how does Miss Kilman make Clarissa feel?

upset and hated

what is the name of the florist?

Ms. Pym

what sound interrupts Clarissa's time in the florist shop?

an explosion

Whose face do you suppose people think they saw "against the dove-grey upholstery"?

Prime Minister

Rumours circulate after the explosion from the motor car. What metaphor is used to describe them?

a pulse irregularly drumming through an entire body

Describe Septimus Warren Smith. How does he enter into the story?

30 years old, pale, beak nose, brown shoes, shabby overcoat, hazel eyes. He is walking around London

What happens to Septimus after the car explosion?

in horror

Who is with Septimus?

his wife

How long have Septimus and Lucrezia been married?

4-5 years

What awful thing has Septimus said to Lucrezia?

he will kill himself

Where is Lucrezia originally from?


Who does Clarissa believe was in the motorcar?

the Queen or the Prime Minister

To whom does Clarissa seem to compare herself?

the Queen

What was the effect of the car on Bond Street? What are some of the things it leads people to think about?

a slight ripple which flowed through shops on both sides of the streets. Death & war

Who are the king and queen of England at this time?

Queen Mary & King George V

Who makes up the crowd outside of Buckingham Palace? What are some of their names? What class of people are they?

poor people. Sarah Bletchley & Emily Coates. The lower class

Who first notices the aeroplane in the sky?

Mrs. Coates

What is the plane doing?

spelling something

What time is it when the plane is in the sky?


How does the stream-of-consciousness narration connect Mrs. Coates to Lucrezia Warren Smith and Septimus?

take an interest in things outside

What are Dr. Holmes's instructions to Lucrezia?

nothing is the matter

What is wrong with Septimus?

he is working too hard

What does Lucrezia wish for Septimus?

he will die

What effect does loving Septimus have on Lucrezia?

makes her solitary

What vision does Septimus have? Who is Evans?

friend from war

What does Maisie Johnson want to know? How old is Maisie? Where is she from?

the way to Reagent's Park tube station- she's from Edinburgh, Scotland

Who are Percy and Carrie Dempster? What are their problems?

people in the park

How many different points of view (perspectives) did you read in this section? Whose were they?

Edgar J. Watkins, Septimus Waren Smith, Mrs. Dalloway, Sarah Bletchley, Emily Coates, Rezia, Dr. Holmes, Maisie Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Dempster

who opens the door for Clarissa and what is her job?

Lucy- maid

Clarissa compared herself to the queen in the last section, what does she compare herself to now?

a nun

what are Clarissa's religious beliefs? how does she feel about her life?

doesn't believe in God.. felt blessed and purified

what is the name of Clarissa's husband?


who invites Mr. Dalloway to lunch? how does Clarissa feel about this?

Lady Millicent Bruton; Clarissa is jealous

what do you think it means that Clarissa "at certain moments... [felt] what men felt?"

she had romantic feelings for herself

who is Sally Seton and what was/is Clarissa's relationship with her?

friends- they used to be romantically linked

describe the appearance and family background of Sally

dark features.. does not have a great home life

what is some of Sally Seton's "shocking" behavior?

runs through the house naked

who is Aunt Helena?

Clarissa's aunt

What allusion to Shakespeare's Othello does Clarissa bring up?

"if it were now to die 'twere now to be most happy"

What happens to Clarissa on a summer walk one day with Peter Walsh, Joseph Breitkopf, and Sally Seton?

Clarissa and sally kiss.

What age has Clarissa just turned?


What color is the dress that Clarissa plans to wear to her party? What has happened to the dress? Who made the dress?

...its green. sally parker made the dress

Who arrives at the door while Clarissa is sewing her dress? How long has he been away and to where? What time is it when he makes a visit?

Peter walsh he has been been in india for 5 years. arrives at 11am

How do Clarissa and Peter find the other's appearance after all this time?

Clarissa has aged.Peter got skinner and looks the same.

What does Peter take out of his pocket and play with?

...a pocket knife

What is the name of Clarissa's father? Who didn't get along with him?

Justin Parry. he didnt get along with their friends and peter.

Who is Daisy?

...Peters girlfriend for India.

What does Peter do that annoys Clarissa?

...plays with pocket knife

What surprised you about Peter and Clarissa's interaction?

Peter cries

What are some ways that reveal the alienation and isolation of Peter and Clarissa?


What does the word "histrionically" mean? How does it explain Clarissa's behavior?

deliberatley overly dramtic in behavior or speech. perfect hostess and wants to act that way.

At what time does Elizabeth Dalloway come into the room with Peter and Clarissa?


To what sound are Clarissa's words (or the thought of them in Peter's head, "remember my party...") compared?

chiming of the big ben

For what reasons does Peter criticize Clarissa?

her girlhood timidty has carried through in middle age.

What does Peter do to a young woman he sees in Trafalgar Square? Why do you think he does this?

...he begins to follow her. she seems to become his ideal women as he looks at her.he compares her to clarissa and decides she is not rich or wordly as clarrissa is.

Did Peter get along with Justin Parry (Clarissa's father)? Why or why not?

no they argued over politcs

What does Peter think of Elizabeth Dalloway?

he expects that she does not get along with her mother. she is also very grown up and handsome.

Does Peter intend to go to Clarissa's party?


What does Peter Walsh do in Regent's Park while an elderly nurse knits over a sleeping baby?

he falls asleep

When does Peter Walsh say the "death of [Clarissa's] soul" happened? Why does he say this?

Clarissa developed manners over time and he thinks they are fake.

What does Clarissa do the first time she meets Richard Dalloway?

Callss him the wrong name.

What does Peter admire in Clarissa that also enrages him?

her courage and ability to see things through.

What similar memory to Clarissa's does Peter also have?

time at the fountain

List some of Septimus's symptoms

He has committed a crime
He wants to commit suicide

Why does Septimus say, "Their marriage was over..."?

Rezia wasn't wearing a wedding ring

What are some of the changes Peter Walsh notices in England after returning after his five years in India? (post-war changes)

People looked different
The fashion and newspapers changed
People put on makeup in public

What happens to Sally Seton? (Whom does she marry and where does she live now?)

Mr. Rosseter; She lives in Manchester

What did Sally and Hugh argue about in the past?

Women's rights

On this visit to England after his five years in India, Peter plans to see lawyers about a divorce for his girlfriend Daisy. What does he also plan to ask Hugh Whitbread or Richard Dalloway?

Find him a job

Who is Sylvia and what happened to her?

Clarissa's sister- killed by a fallen tree

How do Peter Walsh's and Rezia Warren Smith's views of the "poor old woman" contrast?

Peter feels sympathy for the woman. Rezia relates to the woman.

How is Septimus connected to Mr. Brewer?

He was his boss at a clerk shop.

What was Septimus's dream job/vocation before the war? Who was he in love with before the war?

A poet; fell in love with Miss Isabel Pole.

Where did Septimus meet Rezia? Why does he say (in his mind) that he became engaged to her? (What was he trying to bring back?)

Milan; He was bringing back the feeling of love towards Rezia

What is a milliner?

a hatmaker

Do both Septimus and Rezia want to have children? Why or why not?

Septimus: against children-there shouldn't be anymore children.. Rezia: wants children

What are some of the remedies that Dr. Holmes prescribes? Do they help Septimus? Why or why not?

To take a trip to the music hall; No, because he is getting worse.

What is Sir William Bradshaw's job? What does he prescribe for Septimus?

Psychiatrist; A long period of bed rest

What is Sir William Bradshaw saying when he says Septimus "does not have a sense of proportion"?

He is not all there.. He has something wrong with him

Note the time at the end of the section on p. 100. After Rezia and Septimus leave Sir William Bradshaw it is

half past one

What are some of the good deeds Hugh Whitbread has done in his life?

He always brings Mrs. Bruton a bunch of carnations when he visits.

What mistake does Hugh Whitbread unknowingly make about Miss Brush's brother? Who is Miss Brush?

the brother is really sick and not doing well; Mrs. Bruton's assistant

whom does Lady Bruton prefer? How old is Lady Bruton?

Richard; 62

What do Hugh and Lady Bruton think to themselves about Peter Walsh's job prospects? Will they help him find a job?

they feel helping him is impossible because of his flawed character

What plan does Lady Bruton have that she hopes Richard Dalloway will advise her on and Hugh Whitbread will write the papers about?

emigration to Canada; They will write to TIME

Why in the end (even though she refused earlier) does Lady Bruton stuff Hugh's carnations into the front of her dress?

she was happy he was helping her

With what metaphor does the author describe the connection of Lady Bruton and her luncheon guests, "getting thinner and thinner"?

they use a spider thread

Between what two characters is the metaphor continued?

Richard and Clarissa

What does Richard want to tell his wife?

he loves her

What time is it when Richard returns home to Clarissa? What does he bring her?

3:00; red & white roses from Richard

Whom is Clarissa worried about not inviting? Read on and add why Clarissa did not want to invite her.

Ellie Henderson; She is dull

Where is Elizabeth when her father returns home after lunch?

upstairs with Kilman- maybe praying

What does Richard require his wife to do after lunch? Where does he go?

take a nap; he goes to the committee of Armenians/ Albanians

why Clarissa likes to throw parties.

because Peter and Richard always make fun of her; it is her offering to the world

What does Mrs. Dalloway think is unusual about Elizabeth's appearance based on her genes?

dark, chinese eyes, pale face, "oriental mystery"

What is a mackintosh? Who wears one? Why does this person wear it?

Miss Kilman; it is cheap; a coat; she is poor

Why has it been hard for Miss Kilman to find work?

because of he German connections

How long ago did Miss Kilman have a conversion?

2 years and 3 months

What does Miss Kilman think of Clarissa Dalloway?

has a lot of anger towards her, but doesn't hate her

what object reminds you of the pattern of their conversation? (page 116-117)

the big ben sound

Who is "the old woman looking out of the window" (p. 123)? What is it that "love and religion" would destroy?

a neighbor;

summarize how Doris Kilman feels about herself, about her appearance. What does she use to make herself feel better?

down on herself and does not like the way she looks. eats food to make her feel better.

What does Elizabeth Dalloway admire about Doris Kilman? What is her attraction to Miss Kilman? What is it you think Doris Kilman wants from Elizabeth?

she is educated. she is clever. and ms. killmann fears that if elizabeth leaves her she wontt come back. she mainly does not wat to feel alone. and elizabeth keeps her company

Where does Miss Kilman go after tea with Elizabeth?

Westminster Abbey

Where does Elizabeth prefer to London?

the country

What are some possible careers for Elizabeth?

a doctor, farmer, go into parliament

What happy moment do Septimus and Rezia have together in their apartment?

they are laughing together and Rezia feels as though they are a married couple again

What happens to Septimus in this section? What time do you think it is?

he commits suicide by jumping out a window; 6:00 pm

What does Peter Walsh find waiting for him at his hotel room when he returns by 6 o'clock?

a letter from Clarissa

What does Peter Walsh carry in his pockets?

a pocket knife; a picture of Daisy

What would Daisy give up if she married Peter?

her children

Where does Peter Walsh go after he shaves?

to dinner

What does Peter Walsh plan to ask Richard Dalloway at the party?

what they are doing politically in India

Describe the temperature on this June day.

there is a heatwave

Describe some of what Peter sees on his walk through London in the evening air.

well dressed young people

How does Lucy describe the way Elizabeth looks for the party?

"Quite lovely." Couldn't take her eyes off of her.

Who is Clarissa's old nurse?

Ellen Barnett

How does Clarissa feel about her party?

She thought it was going to be a failure

Describe Ellie Henderson. How does she feel about being asked to the party?

In a corner by herself- slouching, looks bored, last minute invite, was mad, about 50 years old, doesn't know why Clarissa would invite her. They are cousins

Who arrives at the party without an invitation?

Sally Seton

Name at least five other party guests.

Hugh Whitbred
Lord Lexham
Mrs. Bowley
Mrs. Garrod
Mr. Quin

What is Mr. Wilkins job at the party?

He announces the guests' arrivals

What "famous person" arrives at the party? How do the guests behave in his presence?

The Prime Minister. They went on with the party, Peter makes fun of him.

To what creature does Peter Walsh compare Clarissa at the party?

A mermaid

Whom does Clarissa want Peter to "have a word with about Burma"? Why is Peter surprised this person is still alive?

Aunt Helena; she is old.

Which character is especially proud of her Englishness?

...Lady Burton

How does Clarissa note that Sally has changed?

...Her voice, her eyes and she now smokes cigars.

How do Clarissa's and Septimus's lives intersect?

story about septimus comes up at the party.

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