10 terms

Chapter 7: The Right Way to Quote-Vocabulary

Telling the reader where information originated
Attributive Verbs
Verbs used to link what was said with who said it; neutral verbs, such as "said," are best
Reporter's presentation of different points of view throughout a story so that all sides receive fair play
Direct Quotations (Direct Quotes)
Word-for-word replays of information from sources; used to provide insight into a story; placed in quotation marks
Paraphrase (Indirect Quote)
Summary in the reporter's own words of what a source says; not placed in quotation marks
Partial Quote and Fragmentary Quote
Less than a full sentence taken word-for-word from a source and placed in quotation marks; used in conjunction with paraphrase
Passing somone else's ideas and/or words off as your own
Quote Collection
A group of quotes related to a single topic or from a single source; may be further enhance with a mug shot
Words that help the reader move smoothly through a story
Wooden Quotes
Quotes that sound unreal, stilted, or artificial; avoid them