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Red badge of courage questions

Why does Henry fall back into the recession of wounded men?
To get away from the tattered man.
What does Henry wish he had?
A wound or a Red Badge of Courage
Who does Henry take care of? What has happened to him?
Henry takes care of Jim after he has been shot
What does the tall soldier want Henry to do?
Jim wants Henry to leave him alone
As Jim dies, Henry says, "Hell." (Orange sun goes down) Has he seen hell yet?
Red of blood, violence yet Red is of valor and bravery
What does the tattered man tell Henry to do?
Look out for himself and not for others
Why is Henry bothered by the tattered man?
The tattered man keeps asking Henry where his wound is.
What happens to Henry's friend from home?
Henry's friend dies and he can not prevent it.
Why does Henry wish he was dead?
Henry ran from battle to save himself
What does Henry see as the difference between him and those that fight?
He feels that he has some un-named condition that will not allow him to fight.
What would the regiment think of him if they won?
They will think him a coward and he will have to think of an excuse on why he left.
What would the regiment think of him if they lost?
They would never notice him if they lost
He will always be 'the youth?'
What has happened to the heroic regiment that he has seen?
The heroic regiment has retreated.
Why is Henry hit with the rifle?
A man comes and helps Henry, what does he tell him about the confusion of the war?
The war is a confusing mess. He did not know what side he was on...from Ohio to Florida?
Henry sees his regiment. Why does he not think of a story?
He is too tired to make up a story
Does Wilson question where Henry has been?
Wilson is happy to see Henry
What story does Henry tell Wilson?
Henry tells Wilson he has been shot in the head
How has Wilson changed since Henry first saw him?
Wilson is no longer loud and angry. He is helpful and selfless. He is now wise from war.
What has happened to the regiment the day before Henry returns?
Half of the regiment had died or was scattered
Henry is paranoid that Wilson, his friend, will ask about his wounds. What is his plan if he asks about the wound?
He still has the letters to give to Wilson.
Who wrote The Red Badge Of Courage?
Stephen Crane