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Also known as the ovum it is the female gamete.


Also known as the egg it is the female gamete.


The external part of the female reproductive organs, which means covering.


Located between the legs and the vulva which covers the opening to the reproductive organs located inside the body.

Mons Pubis

The fleshy area located just above the top of the vaginal opening.


Two pairs of skin flaps called the labia (which means lips) surround the vaginal opening.


A small sensory organ, is located toward the front of the vulva where the folds of the labia join.


Located between the labia are openings to the urethra which carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body and vagina.


A thin sheet of tissue with one or more holes in it that partially covers the opening of the vagina.


A muscular organ shaped like an upside-down pear, with a thick lining and muscular walls. It contains some of the strongest muscles in the female body. These muscles are able to expand and contract to accommodate a growing fetus and then help push the baby out during labor.


Where the vagina connects with the uterus, or womb,at strong, thick walls with a very small opening.


Located at the upper corners of the uterus, the tubes that connect the uterus to the ovaries.


Two oval-shaped organs that lie to the upper right and left of the uterus. They produce, store, and release eggs into the fallopian tubes.


The process of releasing eggs into the fallopian tubes.

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