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Kamil EMW Final

Marco Polo

Late 1200s, Travels through Asia

Zheng He

Led Chinese trading voyages

Bartholomew Dias

Late 1480s, first European to attempt to sail around Cape of Good Hope


1492, discovers New World

Vasco de Gama

• Portuguese sailor, tried to find water route around Africa to India (1497)
• Stopped at several African ports
• Interacted with Muslim merchants-learning about their roles in trading
• Reached Calicut India and inspired more voyages

Ferdinand Magellan

Portuguese navigator that sailed for Spanish and first to circumnavigate the globe (1519)

Hernan Cortes

Spanish conquistador, 1519, defeated Aztec Empire and gaining Mexico for Spain

Francisco Pizarro

1530, Spanish conquistador, defeats Incas

Jacques Cartier

French explorer 1534, claimed all of Canada

Sir Francis Drake

1570s, Second to circumnavigate the globe

Henry Hudson

1607, English sailor (Dutch-born) hoped to find Northeast Passage around Europe, finds only ice

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