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Piaget saw exploration and discovery as a key aspect in learning cognitively while Vygotsky saw social interactions as a key aspect. Piaget had distinct, obvious stages while Vygotsky had no distinct stages of cognitive development.
Whereas Piaget emphasized children's independent efforts to make sense of their world, Vygotsky viewed cognitive development as a socially mediated process, in which children depend on assistance from adults when they tackle new challenges.

*Little emphasis on the sociocultural context
*Cognitive construivist

Strong emphasis on
stages(sensorimotor,preoperational,concrete operational, and formal operational)

Key processes:Schema,assimilation,accommodation,

Role of Language: Language has a minimal role; cognition primarily directs language

View on Education: Education merely refines the child's cognitive skills that have already emerged

Teaching Implications: Also views the teacher as a facilitator and guide, not a director, provide support for children to explore their world and discover knowledge

* strong emphasis on the sociocultural context
* social constructivist
*No general stages of development proposed

Key Processes: Zone of proximal development, language, dialogue, tools of the culture

Role of Language: A major role; language plays a powerful role in shaping thought

View on Education: Education plays a central role, helping children learn the tools of the culture

Teaching Implications: Teacher is a facilitator and guide, not a director; establish many opportunities for children to learn with the teacher and more-skilled peers