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Pearson Interactive Science grade 3 chapter 3

flowering plant
Plants with seeds that grow flowers.
examples: magnolia tree, iris plants, dogwood, and rosebushes
A small cell that grows into a new plant.
ferns and mosses reproduce by making these
The process by which plants use air, water, and energy from sunlight to make food.
carbon dioxide
A gas in air that is absorbed by most plants. Carbon dioxide can come from pollution, therefore plants help clean the air.
Is a gas in the air. Plants and animals (humans included) need this gas to live.
Any material needed by living things for energy, growth, and repair.
One large root, for example a carrot.
fibrous root
Hair like roots that spread out in many directions, for example grass and pine trees.
Part of the plant that support the leaves, flowers, and fruits. Has tiny tubes that move water and minerals from the roots to the leaves.
The part of the plant, usually below ground, which keeps the plant stable.
* it stores food made by the leaves
* takes in water and nutrients from the soil
Help green plants use water, air, and energy from sunlight to make food (plant sugar).
The part of a flowering plant that makes seeds to reproduce.
* the petals attract animals
* the center creates the pollen
to make more of the same kind
*example: maple tree makes seeds that can grow into new maple trees
The process by which an animal or wind carries or moves the pollen to the part of the flower that makes seeds.
The process by which the seed can begin to grow.
coniferous plants
Plants the grow cones instead of flowers to make seeds.
Leaves look like needles or brushes
non-flowering plant
life cycle
The stages through which a living thing passes during its life.
classifying plants
sorting them in groups by size, shape, color, how they reproduce or produce offspring
deciduous plant
leaves fall off in the fall and grow back in the spring
examples of coniferous plants
pine and spruce trees
ferns and mosses
2 kinds of plants that don't make seeds. They make spores instead.
4 main parts of flowering plant
leaves, roots, stems, and flowers
Needs of plants
food, air, water, and space to live and grow
2 ways leaves can help plants
*control the amount of water in the plant
* protect the plant from being eaten
5 things plants need to make food
water, sun, oxygen, carbon dioxide,leaves
cactus stem grows where
above ground
potato stem grows where
below ground
2 parts of the flower
* pollen
* petals
2 types of cones made by conifer plants
small pollen cone
large seed cone
stage 1 life cycle of flowering plant and conifer plant
germinating seed
stage 2 life cycle of flowering plant and conifer plant
stage 3 life cycle of flowering plant and conifer plant
stage 4 life cycle of flowering plant and conifer plant
adult plant with seeds
Kalanchoe plant
uses leaves to reproduce
dandelion plant
uses roots to reproduce