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main conflict in Romeo and Juliet

The families hate each other and Romeo and Juliet are in love

the main conflict in each part of The Odyssey

In part one the main conflict is getting home and in the second part the conflict is getting the kingdom back

the elements of a tragedy and can apply them to Romeo & Juliet

Death or great misfortune of a noble character that can be seen as depressing or uplifting

the difference between a soliloquy, an aside, and a monologue

Lengthy and to the audience, telling the audience thoughts or feelings; brief, speaking to another character of thoughts and is long


The style that it is written can be hard to read so you put it in your own words to understand it

round characters

More than one main trait and characteristics and much known about them

flat characters

flat characters have little personality traits and little known about them

blank verse and how to read it

Read it by punctuation not by the end of the line iambic pentameter it is 10 syllabls across and is un accented

text aids

They are used to help the reader understand what they do not know or what they do not understand?

rhymed couplet

a pair of lines that rhyme

the themes in romeo and juliet

Impulsive actions lead to bad outcomes, feuds can destroy love and life

romeo's character traits

impulsive passionate romantic

life lessons did Santiago learn

to follow omens, never give up, follow his heart, interpret signs from God, and God works through omens

Odysseus's character traits
Leadership strength

loyal, strong willed, clever, smart, strong, leadership

internal conflict

A conflict with decisions that one makes with them self.

external conflict

A conflict between a character and an external force or challenge


a feeling that someone or something is bad or unworthy


awkward; clumsy


supple; limber


the quality of being offensively bold




noisy fight




fairness; impartiality; justice


a person who gets out of what they ought to be doing


to stupefy




wrongdoing; sin


inability to believe


staring with sullen anger; scowling


to disguise

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