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History Review Study Guide

prohibits settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains
What did the Proclamation of 1763 say?
they were helping the native Americans
Why did it make sense, from a British perspective?
fought for the land
Why was it so unpopular with the colonists? (Proclamation of 1763)
can't tax without their consent
"No taxation without representation" What did the colonists mean when they used this phrase?
they owed a lot of money to the soldiers who fought
Why was it problematic for Britain to inherit such a large amount of land after the F&I War?
colonists insults British soldier, soldier hits him and several hundred colonist surround the soldier
Boston Massacre -> What happened? How was this event depicted by the colonists? What do you think?
stamp act
law placing a tax on virtually any kind of printed material
quartering act
law requiring colonists to quarter British soldiers and provide them with supplies.
townshend act
a series of laws to raise money in the colonies.
declaratory act
declares that parliament has the right to make laws.
samuel adams
leader of the Boston sons of liberty
john adams
argued that soldiers acted in self defense...wins
patrick henry
member of Virginia's House of Burgesses.
sons of liberty
appeased the British policies.
writs of assistance
search warrants used to enter homes.
British legislature=called____________.
patrick h.
British Monarch @ time of Revolution=_______________.
July 4, 1776
When was it put into effect? (Declaration of Independence)
freed colonies from the British rule
What did it officially do? Declaration of Independence)
thomas jefferson
Who was the primary author? (Declaration of Independence)
make peace
What was one of the major points? (Declaration of Independence)
other 2 British armies fail to meet Burgoyne in Albany
Why were the Battles of Saratoga considered a turning point of the war?
Battle of Yorktown, Cornwallis surrendered
What was the last major battle of the Revolutionary War (explain what happened)?
new england=root of the revolution=cut it off and kill entire movement
First British strategy to win the war (N.E.)
controlled many prominent Northern cities
Second British strategy to win the war (South...why?)
thomas paine, convinced people to breakaway for the law
Common Sense (author & importance)
location in PA where Washington is forced to set up winter camp
Valley Forge
Americans who supported the British
Patriots | Loyalists
German mercenaries hired by Britain the Rev. War
had cannons
Ticonderoga (...and how does this help w/the Siege of Boston?)
Thomas Paine
wrote common sense
George Washington
1st president, leader of the Continental Army
Nathanael Greene
out maneuver and side step the British
Swamp Fox
led cunning/devastating attack against British supply line
John Paul Jones
officer in Continental Navy known for his courage and bravery.
General Cornwallis
in charge of the southern army
General William Howe
British commander in the Rev. War.
Benedict Arnold
most successful generals for the Continental Army
Marquis de Lafayette
volunteered to serve in Washington's army
French general fighting for Continental forces of the Rev. War.
Admiral de Grasse
blockaded Chesapeake Bay to top Cornwallis.
state power=taxes and national laws; national laws=man by legislative body
Explain the problem that existed b/n state powers and national powers under the A.O.C.
proved that the national gov. was weak
What did Shays's Rebellion prove about our government under the A.O.C.?
confederation congress
Where did the real power rest under the Articles of Confederation?
so they could be run by the legislative body
Why did the framers of the A.O.C. make the national government so weak?
congress would deny it
Why was it so hard to pass effective laws under the A.O.C.?
Confederation Congress
national legislative body formed by the A.O.C.
makes the laws
state, country, or nation in which people elect representatives to govern.
addition to a document
act of official confirmation.
Maryland state house
George Washington resigns his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Where?
republican gov.
George Washington resigns his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. Why is this so significant?
fought when needed laid it down when finished
George Washington resigns his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army. What is the significance of the title "American Cincinnatus?"
discuss need for national trade laws
Annapolis Convention. What was its goal?
not enough representatives to do anything
Annapolis Convention. Why did it 'fail'?
called for stated to send representatives to Philadelphia.
Annapolis Convention. What was the result?
Temporary capital of the U.S. Treaty of Paris (1783) ratified here.
agreement to establish a 2 house national legislature
What was the Great Compromise that was reached in the Constitutional Convention?
What was the plan of the 'big states, ' and what did it say?
no slaves
What was the plan of the 'small states,' and what did it say?
the both gave up one thing
How did the Great Compromise address these concerns?
because we changed stuff in out documents
Why is our Constitution referred to as a "living document?"
1787 meeting at the U.S. Constitution
What is the Constitution?
ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution
What is Bill of Rights?
proof that the power of our gov. rests with the people
What is it? Popular Sovereignty
preamble...we the people
Provide at least one concrete example that the © follows this principle. Popular Sovereignty
the people have a say in how the country is run
a system of gov. in which power is shared b/n national gov. and states.
executive, judicial, legislative
What are the general names of the three branches? (Separation of Powers)
makes, enforce, interprets
What job/function does each branch perform? (Separation of Powers)
executive, judicial, legislative branch
What are specific names for these 3 branches in our country? (Separation of Powers)
control the branches
Why is this put into place? (Checks and Balances)
bill, rights
Individual Rights (Guaranteed by the ___________of ______________)
supported ratification of the constitution
What was their position?
patrick henry
list at least 1 famous example
promoted their views and answered their critics
Federalist Papers - What purpose did they serve?
democratic nation ruled by the people
Why were they opposed to the Constitution? Anti-Federalists
constitution had to much power
Why did they want a Bill of Rights added to the Constitution? Anti-Federalists
Mary Otis Warren
List at least 1 famous example. Anti-Federalists
Constitutional Convention
1787 meeting in which stated the U.S. Constitution
agreement that 3/5th of a state's population would be counted
3/5 ths compromise
James Madison-A.K.A. "Father of the ______________"
the war won't stop
« Explain two major reasons why the Civil War started. Why do you think these reasons contributed so significantly to the outbreak of the war?
George W. he won the war and saved the country
« Choose one (pre-Civil War) president and explain at least one major contribution that this individual made - positive or negative - to U.S. History.
battle of Trenton, Washington knows troops need victory, surprise attack on the Hessians
« Choose one major battle or event that from the Civil War era that you think was particularly important. Explain why this battle/event was so significant in the overall outcome of the war (or to the future of our nation).