Chapter 21 Advanced Chem

the systematic name of ketones ends in
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which of the following are large molecules made of many small units joined by organic reactionspolymersmonomers in condensation polymers must havetwo different functional groupsWhich organic reaction can form a protein molecule if repeated many times?condensationin many organic reactions, an ether is used as a solvent instead ofwaterwhat is the name of the functional group -OHhydroxyl groupwhich group of organic compounds can be considered derivatives of ammonia NH3amineIn which organic reaction do two molecules or parts of the same molecule combine?condensationwhich class of compounds contains a carbonyl group bonded to two carbon groupsketoneswhich of the following is an atom or a group of atoms responsible fro the specific properties of an organic compoundfunctional groupwhich functional group is formed by an alkane and a halogen in a substation reactionalkyl halideswhich of the following are the small units joined to each other by organic reactions in a polymermonomersin an addition reaction, monomers are joined by reactions involvingdouble bondswhat are the two main types of polymersaddition polymers and condensation polymers