19 terms

Environmental Vocabulary Set

Water Pollution
1. the action of making water dirty and not safe to use.
2. the things (gases, litter, chemicals) that make the water dirty and not safe.
Air Pollution
1) the action of making air dirty and not safe.
2. the things (gases, litter, chemicals) that make the air dirty and not safe.
Soil Pollution
1. the action of making soil or land dirty and not safe to use.
2. the things (gases, litter, chemicals) that make the land or soil dirty and not safe.
fog mixed with smoke : a cloud of dirty air usually found in cities.
the cloud of black, gray, or white gases and dust that is produced by burning something.
a tall chimney on a factory or ship that carries smoke away.
the mixture of gases produced by an engine, usually a car, truck or vehicle.
Oil Slick
a thin layer of oil that is floating on the surface of water like a lake or ocean.
Noun: trash carelessly dropped or left about (especially in public places) or Verb: to throw trash on the ground.
things that are no longer wanted or useful and have been throw out.
an area where garbage is buried underground.
1. to make something new from something that has already been used before.
2. to send to a place where a used item will be made into something new.
3. to use something again.
a metal or glass container usually used to put food in.
a glass or plastic container that has a narrow neck and usually has no handle.
1. a hard material usually see-through that is used to make windows and other things.
2. a drinking container made out of glass.
a light, strong material that can be made into different shapes. It is used to make many common products.
a substance/material (such as gold, tin, or copper) that usually has a shiny appearance, usually a good conductor of electricity, can be melted and shaped.
a mixture of decaying organic matter (leaves or food) used to improve soil.
Verb: when 2 or more people share a vehicle for transportation or Noun: the group of peolpe sharing the ride.