60 terms

AP US History Unit 1

First man to see land on voyage with Columbus.
First Native Americans Columbus saw on Bahama Islands.
Christopher Columbus
Sailor who took men to the new world in search of Gold. He landed in the Bahamas and conquered and killed the Indians there.
An island where the first fort built by Columbus stood. It was named Fort Navidad.
Huge estates where Indians were taken for slave labor.
Bartolome de las Casas
Author of "History of the Indies", a journal that described the conditions in the Indies after the Spanish arrived there.
Had own writing system. Population destroyed by Cortes.
Spanish conquistador who used Cortes's tactics to destroy the Incan population.
Population destroyed by Pizarro.
City of Missippi Valley known for advanced agriculture.
Indians living on "Puritan land" who were extinguished during the Pequot War.
Land enclosed for sheep grazing. This forced smaller farmers to look elsewhere for work.
Joint-Stock Company
Provided financial means for English colonization.
Virginia Company
Joint-Stock Company in London that received a charter for land in the new world. Charter guarantees new colonists same rights as people back in England.
Marriage to John Rolfe = Peace settlement ending the Anglo-Powhatan War.
Lord de la Warr
New Governer of Jamestown. Responsible for horrible tactics used on Indians.
John Rolfe
Father of the Tobacco industry and economic savior of the Virginia colonies.
House of Burgesses
First organized form of representative self-government.
Lord Baltimore
Founded Maryland. Permitted freedom of wordship until Act of Toleration. (Favored Catholics)
Act of Toleration
Guaranteed toleration for all Christians.
James Ogelthorpe
Helped found Georgia and make it a haven for debtors.
The Elect
Destined for eternal bliss.
Great Migration
Refugees left England for Massachusetts, West Indies, and Barbados in 1630s.
Only those that belonged to the Church could vote.
Thomas Hooker
Led energetic group of Puritans to found Hartford, Ct. Created first state constitution.
King Philip's War
Indians led by Metacom forced to disband.
Dominion of New England
Formed to promote effeciency to administer English Navigation Laws.
Sir Edmund Andros
Head of the Dominion, he had strong ties to the church and was hated by many colonists.
Glorious Revolution
Bloodless overthrow of King James II that ended the Dominion and established William and Mary as the new leaders.
Chief Tammany
Sold land to William Penn.
Virginia Code of 1705
Set of slave codes that included very harsh punishments.
Stono Rebellion
Slaves in 1739 stole guns, powder, ... etc and marched through town for freedom.
Encouraged the importation of servant workers by offering the importer several acres of land.
Unique language created by blacks that combined English with other African dialects.
African word meaning Okra.
African word meaning Witchcraft.
Halfway Covenant
Offered partial membership rights to people who have not yet converted.
New form of sermon at Puritan pulpit that scolded parishioners from their waning piety.
John and Cotton Mather
Defended the death sentence for Witch trials.
"Meaner Sort"
The democratic forces that opposed class structure ... etc.
"Better Sort"
Tried to recreate the old social structure form the "Old World" but were prevented by the "Meaner Sort"
Paxton Boys
An armed march in Philadelphia led by the Scots-Irish that protested the Quaker policy with the Indians.
The man who believed that "Americans" have risen out of an ethnically mixed breed.
New Lights
Defended the Great Awakening and revivalist tactics.
Old Lights
Orthodox clergymen who were deeply skeptical of the emotionalism and the antics of the Great Awakening.
Pennsylvania Dutch
Germans that fled from religious persecution, war, ...etc.
Frontiersman that were not actually Irish and had no attraction towards England.
Power of the Purse
Colonists could withhold the government's salary unless he yielded to their wishes.
Founded by the London Corporation.
New Hampshire
Founded by John Mason.
Founded by Puritans and received Royal charter from Massachusetts Bay Company.
Founded by Lord Baltimore as a Catholic Haven.
Founded by Mass Emigrants and Thomas Hooker.
Rhode Island
Founded by Roger Williams for religious freedom.
North Carolina
Founded by Virginian Squatters (Poor Whites w/ No Land)
New York
Founded by the Dutch and then the Duke of York took over.
New Jersey
Separated from North Carolina.
Founded by the Swedes.
Founded by John Ogelthorpe asa buffer state and debtors haven.