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Resources Unit Review

<p>This set of flashcards is in preperation for the final coming up in Integrated Science 4. This set goes over all of the review questions Ms. Abreu had us copy down in class. *Note: Only the right answers will appear in this set, none of the wrong answers given on that review sheet in class are here. More will come once she&#039;s made multiple choice answers on three more.</p>
The law of conservation of energy states...
Energy is not created or destroyed in changes of state
The second law of thermodynamics states...
Heat randomly flows from high to low temperatures
The characteristics used to describe a population...
Geographic distribution, density, and growth rate
This characteristic doesn't effect population size...
Number of individuals per family
The changing of one element to another is...
The vibration of electrons emit...
Radio waves, infrared waves, and light waves
When a forces acts on an object and the object moves in the direction of the forces, it's known as...
What two things does work involve?
Distance and force
Forms of mechanical energy are...
Kinetic energy, chemical energy, gravitational energy, and potential energy
Generators produce this type of energy
Electrical energy
Generators convert this type of energy into another type of energy
Mechanical energy
This is not a fossil fuel
Mixtures of clay and sand combined with water and varying amounts of bituma is known as...
Tar sand
High frequency of electromagnetic radiaton emitted by radioactive elements are called...
Gamma rays
When scientists talk about the average kinetic energy per molecule, they're talking about...
Consider a sample of water at 2 degrees celsius. If the temperature is increased by one degree, then the volume of the water...
The main reason one can walk barefoot on red hot wood coals without burning their feet has to do with...
The low thermal conductivity of the coals
The event of electrical forces overwhelming strong nuclear forces and the nucleus splitting
Nuclear fission
Unit of measurement that combines forces and distance
Non-renewable energy source
Renewable energy source