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  1. circuitous
  2. expel
  3. laconic
  4. adamant
  5. disconsolate
  1. a (adj) round about; indirect
  2. b (adj) without hope; unhappy; dejected
  3. c (adj) using few words, concise
  4. d (n) an imaginary stone of impenetrable hardness; an unbreakable obstacle
    (adj) unyielding; obstinate
  5. e (vt) force out; eject

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  1. (adj) almost worthless, petty, insignificant
  2. (adj) mournful, sorrowful, grievous, painful
  3. (vt) destroy a large part of
  4. (n) quality of springing back; the ability to recover quickly from illness, change, or misfortune
  5. (n) small quantity

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  1. belated(n) communication from one mind to another without speech


  2. pseudonym(n) a fictitious name, usually assumed by an author; a pen name


  3. pathology(n) the study of cause and nature of diseases


  4. obsequious(adj) existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered


  5. extirpate(vt) remove completely, destroy totally, eradicate


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