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  1. compulsory
  2. churlish
  3. paragon
  4. invulnerable
  5. inquisitive
  1. a (adj) curious, asking many questions
  2. b (adj) required; obligatory
  3. c (n) model of excellence or virtue
  4. d (adj) rude, surly, ungracious, grudging
  5. e (adj) not easily overcome, cannot be wounded or injured

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  1. (adj) well-behaved
  2. (n) bitter, violent attack; tirade
  3. (vt) display ostentatiously or impudently
    (vi) wave proudly or showily
  4. (adj) deserved, worthy, fitting, appropriate
  5. (adj) mournful, sorrowful, grievous, painful

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  1. flagrant(adj) seeking favor or flattery, showing affection (especially a dog)


  2. empathy(n) the act of identifying with another's feelings


  3. insipid(adj) without taste or savor; lacking in spirit or animation; uninteresting; dull or flat


  4. verbiage(adj) irregular; abnormal; straying from the right


  5. prerogative(adj) needed, required, neccesary


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