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  1. propitious
  2. path
  3. cessation
  4. amorphous
  5. belated
  1. a (adj) delayed, too late
  2. b (adj) favorably disposed; of good omen; auspicious
  3. c feeling; suffering; disease
  4. d (adj) without form; shapeless
  5. e (n) a ceasing or stopping

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  1. (adj) contrary to what is appropriate, improper
  2. (adj) characterized by abundant and active circulation of blood; hence, warm; confident; optimistic
  3. (adj) round about; indirect
  4. (adj) hateful; likely to cause ill will
  5. (adj) almost worthless, petty, insignificant

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  1. deplete(adj) disagreeable; driving back; repugnant


  2. negligible(adj) needed, required, neccesary


  3. exonerate(vt) remove completely, destroy totally, eradicate


  4. pacifist(adj) using few words, concise


  5. flaunt(vt) display ostentatiously or impudently
    (vi) wave proudly or showily