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  1. path
  2. meticulous
  3. paragon
  4. expatiate
  5. deplete
  1. a (adj) unduly or excessively careful of small details
  2. b feeling; suffering; disease
  3. c (n) model of excellence or virtue
  4. d (vt) make less by gradually using up (as resources, strength, finances)
  5. e (vi) move about freely or at will, speak or write at length or in detail, enlarge upon

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  1. (n) impulsiveness; from natural feeling, without constraint
  2. (adj) without taste or savor; lacking in spirit or animation; uninteresting; dull or flat
  3. (n) the exact opposite
  4. (vt) put a burden on; obtrude or force (oneself, for example) upon another
    (vi) take unfair advantage of something or someone (used with on or upon)
  5. (n) an imaginary stone of impenetrable hardness; an unbreakable obstacle
    (adj) unyielding; obstinate

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  1. unmitigated(adj) not softened or lessened in severity; sheer; utter


  2. conscientious(adj) doing what is right; honest; righteous


  3. circuitous(adj) favorably disposed; of good omen; auspicious


  4. pell, pulsplace, put


  5. chaotic(adj) pure, virtuous, modest, simple in taste or style