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  1. pathos
  2. dissuade
  3. laconic
  4. dormant
  5. emissary
  1. a (adj) sleeping, quiet as if asleep, inactive
  2. b (adj) using few words, concise
  3. c (vt) advise (a person) against something; turn from something by persuasion
  4. d (n) a person or agent sent on a particular mission
  5. e (n) the quality in something that arouses a feeling of pity or sadness

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  1. (adj) indifferent; listless
  2. (adj) irregular; abnormal; straying from the right
  3. (adj) rude, surly, ungracious, grudging
  4. (n) excess; superabundance; a bodily condition characterized by an excess of blood
  5. (adj) sincere, real

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  1. flaunt(adj) notorious, outrageous, purposely conspicuous


  2. modicum(n) small quantity


  3. sententious(adj) full of meaning, saying much in few words


  4. adamant(n) an imaginary stone of impenetrable hardness; an unbreakable obstacle
    (adj) unyielding; obstinate


  5. exonerate(vt) free from blame; declare innocent