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  1. querulous
  2. adjacent
  3. omniscient
  4. chaste
  5. sanguine
  1. a (adj) nearby; next to
  2. b (adj) pure, virtuous, modest, simple in taste or style
  3. c (adj) characterized by abundant and active circulation of blood; hence, warm; confident; optimistic
  4. d (adj) complaining, fault-finding
  5. e (adj) having universal knowledge; infinitely wise

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  1. (adj) almost worthless, petty, insignificant
  2. (vt) free from blame; declare innocent
  3. (n) a person or agent sent on a particular mission
  4. (n) a ban or curse solemnly pronounced by ecclesiastical authority and accompanied by excommunication; one that is intensely disliked or loathed; a curse
  5. (adj) favorably disposed; of good omen; auspicious

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  1. composite(n) greed; avarice; inordinate desire, especially for wealth


  2. dormant(adj) nearby; next to


  3. invulnerable(adj) not easily overcome, cannot be wounded or injured


  4. craven(adj) cowardly
    (n) coward


  5. vacillating(adj) inclined to waver or totter


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