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  1. exonerate
  2. unconscionable
  3. repugnance
  4. pathos
  5. nebulous
  1. a (adj) cloudy; hazy; misty; vague; cloudlike
  2. b (n) the quality in something that arouses a feeling of pity or sadness
  3. c (n) a strong dislike, distaste
  4. d (vt) free from blame; declare innocent
  5. e (adj) not guided by conscience; unprincipled

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  1. (adj) curious, asking many questions
  2. (n) old age, the weakness of old age
  3. (vt) to denounce strongly
  4. (adj) needed, required, neccesary
  5. (adj) doing what is right; honest; righteous

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  1. omniscient(adj) ignorant; not knowing


  2. amorphous(adj) without form; shapeless


  3. ubiquitous(adj) existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered


  4. condign(adj) deserved, worthy, fitting, appropriate


  5. affluence(n) riches; wealth; opulence