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King George

political leader of Great Britain

Patrick Henry

"Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Sam Adams

organized Committees of Correspondence & Sons of Liberty

Paul Revere

helped warn the Patriots of the British advance toward Concord

George Washington

chosen by the Continental Congress to lead the Continental Army

Thomas Paine

wrote Common Sense

Thomas Jefferson

main author of the Declaration of Independence

Benedict Arnold

betrayed the Patriots

John Paul Jones

Americas most successful Captain of the Navy

Sons of Liberty

secret society of Patriots

Committees of Correspondence

groups of people who shared information about protests

1st Continental Congress

meeting of colonists to decide how to protest against the British

2nd Continental Congress

meeting of colonists that wrote the Declaration of Independence


British soldiers


colonists who supported England


mercenaries from Germany


American colonial soldiers ready to fight at any minute


colonists who supported American independence


citizens serving as soldiers on a temporary basis

Treaty of Paris

officially ended the Revolutionary War


stop buying something


to cancel


one-sided information


foreign soldiers hired to fight for your country

guerilla warfare

hit-and-run attacks

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