chapter 12 multiple choice

76 terms by erinlocke

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Which of the following describes the differences in foreign policy between the Nixon administration and the Carter administration?

Nixon focused on addressing countries based on either power or willingness to work with the United States regardless of its government, while Carter focused his support of countries based on moral principles and human rights.

The National Energy Act of the Carter Administration...

attempted to reduce reliance on foreign oil b putting taxes on gas-guzzlong cars and giving tax credits for developing alternative energy.

The political and economical reforms known as glasnost and perestroika represented...

Mihail Gorbachev's desire to introduce a certain amount of freedom oft he press and private business.

Bost the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) and the INF (Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces) treaty...

were part of Reagan's strategy at addressing Cold War tensions and issues with the USSR.

The Iran Hostage Crisis of the Carter Administration...

occurred after Carter allowed the shah of Iran, who had fled Iran due to the Islamic revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini in 1979, to enter the United States.

The nomination and approval of Sandra Day O'Conner as a justice on the Supreme Court resulted in....

Reagan's appointment of the first woman to the Supreme Court, although it cost him some of his support.

The campaign/election of 1992 included all of the following except...

the landslide election of a Democratic president in the popular cote, but an over whelming majority of Republicans in both houses of Congress.

the United States' relationship with Iran in the first decade after the Islamic Revolution was characterized by...

THe U.S. selling arms to Iran despite Iran's connection to a militant group holding U.S. hostages.

Which of the following is true of George W. Bush presidency?

He introduced legislation to overhaul both the nation's education and taxation system

The plan known as the "Contract with America"...

was written by future Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich as a plan to take Republican control of Congress

Which of the following correctly describes the Gulf War?

It occurred in response to Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait.

Which of the following is true of the 1988 presidential election?

The man who was the current vice president won the election, despite being behind in the polls and issues with his own vice-presidential nominee.

All of the following correctly represent a scandal that affected either Bill Clinton's presidential campaign or his presidency except...

improper or unclear ballot counting in Florida.

The Camp David Accords negotiated...

a peace agreement between Israel and Egypt that was one of the few successes of the Carter administration.

While president, Richard Nixon and his administration...

made efforts to appeal to Americans angered by war protesters and liberal policies of 1960s.

All of the following correctly describe U.S. intervention in Latin America or the Caribbean except...

the U.S. illegally sold arms to communist rebels in Grenada despite Reagan's anti-communist position.

The conservative coalition that grew in influence during the 1970s and 1980s...

supported the idea of decreasing taxes and boosting the economy through supply-side economics.

During the presidency of Gerald Ford,

he granted Richard Nixon a pardon which hurt his popularity but helped the nation move past Watergate.

Which of the following represents an achievement of the Clinton administration, in terms of either domestic of foreign policy?

Welfare reform that enabled easier access for those in need.

The foreign policy of Richard Nixon toward the USSR and China...

was marked by visits to both countries and negotiations regarding economics and nuclear weapons.

Which of the following best describes as aspect of Reagan's economic agenda?

removing some federal laws that pertained to industry to allow more corporate freedom.

The policy of New Federalism promoted by Richard Nixon...

was based around the idea of revenue sharing, allowing states to largely spend their federal money however they saw fit.

All of the following describe the Watergate scandal except...

Nixon was impeached by and removed from office by Congress as a result of the scandal.

The establishment of Moral Majority...

marked the growing political agenda of evangelical Christians.

All of the following describe the economic condition known as stagflation except...

it primarily affected agriculture (much like economic crises of the past), but had little impact on manufacturing.

Nixon's plan known as New Federalism...

was an effort to give some of the power gained by the national government in the 1960s back to the states.

The Family Assistance PLan proposed by Richard Nixon...

required job training by unemployed participants, but promised a guaranteed income.

Which of the following describes part of the domestic agenda put forward by Richard Nixon as part of New Federalism?

Nixon attempted, but ultimately failed, to prevent many programs from being implemented by withholding their funds.

All of the following describe approaches used by Nixon to increase his political power or to attack his political enemies except...

Nixon set up a group of secret Republican part operatives operating out of the Watergate Hotel in Washington DC to spy on Democrats.

Which of the following describes the struggle over civil rights issues during the Nixon administration?

The Supreme Court not only legalized busing as a strategy for school desegregation, but also found the Nixon had violated Brown v. Board

All of the following influenced the development and attempts to fight stagflation except...

Nixon decreased taxes and raised the amount of money in circulation.

The condition of stagflation was made worse by...

Decreasing oil supplies following US support of Israel in 1973.

President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger changed American foreign policy through...

Basing foreign policy decisions more on a realistic assessment of a nation's power than on its ideology or morality.

The visit of President Nixon to China was...

done to improve relations with China and help with negotiations with the USSR.

The visit of President Nixon to the USSR...

resulted in a limitation on nuclear weapons between the US and USSR.

President Ford's decision to grant Richard Nixon a presidential pardon...

was an attempt to move the nation beyond Watergate, but cost the president a great deal of public support.

Which of the following accurately describes an aspect of Ford's domestic economic agenda?

He called on Americans to combat rising inflation by lowering demand/consumption of oil and gas.

Which of the following accurately describes Ford's foreign policy?

He used military force against the Cambodian government in response to the seizing of a U.S. merchant ship.

Which of the following describes the 1976 presidential campaign/election?

The Democrats won by a thin margin after running a relatively unknown candidate who focused on integrity and not being and insider.

All of the following are ways in which Jimmy Carter attempted to combat the nation's energy crisis except...

imposed heavy price controls on domestically-produced oil and gas.

All of the following are aspects of the economic criss that occurred during the Ford/Carter years except...

the standard of living in the US soared to first place in the world, giving merely the illusion of prosperity.

Which of the following correctly describes the Carter administration's legacy on civil rights?

Carter appointed numerous minorities to the judicial branch, but the Supreme Court scaled back earlier advances in affirmative action legislation.

Carter's human rights agenda...

led to the temporary cutting off of military aid to Brazil and Argentina.

Detente and the negotiations between the US and the USSR regarding SALT II...

were undermined by Carter's criticism of USSR's human rights record.

All of the following describe achievements and struggles of JImmy Carter in foreign relations in the Middle East during his time as president except...

he negotiated with Israel to establish self-government for the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

All of the following were principles or beliefs of the New Right except...

They wanted more government intervention to stop rampant corruption.

Which of the following descries a position the New Right took on racial issues?

They opposed the school integration policy known as busing.

Evangelist like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson...

preached absolute right vs. wrong morality and condemned what they saw as the nation's liberal tendencies.

All of the following are true of the 1980 election except...

it was the closest election in decades in terms of both the popular vote and electoral college vote.

Which of the following is an aspect of/theory behind "Reaganomics"?

Businesses would benefit form a lower tax rate and reinvest in the economy.

The economy in the 1980s...

saw a large surge and then a collapse in the stock market, as well as an overall increase in budget deficit.

All of the following describe changes to the SUpreme Court during the Reagan and BUsh administrations except...

Clarence Thomas became the only Reagan/Bush nominee to be denied admission to the Supreme Court because of his sexual harassment scandal.

What larger trend was demonstrated by President Reagan's actions toward the EPA?

Reagan's desire to decrease restrictions/laws placed on corporate actions and profits.

Conservative politics and values in the 1980s....

were increasingly popular with a variety of demographics and swept the Republics to easy presidential victories throughout the decade.

Which of the following is true of the 1988 presidential campaigns/election?

There was an unusually low voter turnout, likely because voters were turned off by malicious attack ads.

Under the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, the USSR...

developed policies that diminished the absolute authority of the Soviet Communist Part and granted some personal freedoms.

All of the following correctly describe other nations during the collapse of the soviet Union and its aftermath except...

Yugoslavia quickly developed into a unified and function, Western-style democracy.

The unification of Germany occurred after...

The Berlin Wall and the government of East Germany fell as part of peaceful protests and demonstrations.

The incident at Tiananmen Square in CHina in 1989 demonstrated...

a desire for greater freedoms by CHinese citizens and a harsh crackdown by the CHinese government.

Which of the following describes the civil war in Nicaragua?

The U.S. originally supported the Sandinista government but later funded guerilla troops in their attempt to overthrow them.

Which of the following is true of the conflicts in Panama and/or Grenada?

Through previously backed by the U.S. , Manuel Noreiga was convicted for drug trafficking by a U.S. Court

The funding of the Contras by selling arms to Iran....

was defended by Oliver North during a Congressional inquiry as a necessary anti-cummunism measure.

America's launching of the Persian Gulf War was prompted by...

Iraq seized Kuwait old fields and threatened America's oil supply from Saudi Arabia.

Which of the following is true of the Persian Gulf War?

the U.S. liberated Kuwait from Iraqi control but the war and the resulting embargo resulted in thousands of Iraqi deaths.

President George H.S. Bush's domestic policies...

strictly adhered to his campaign pledge not to raise taxes.

Which of the following correctly describes an aspect of the 1992 presidential election?

An independent third-[arty candidate gained enough votes so that no party earned more than 50% of the popular vote.

Reform efforts made during the Clinton administration included....

a health care reform bill introduced by the First Lad, which died in Congress.

The economy during the CLinton administration....

produced the first budget surplus in almost 30 years.

All of the following are true of domestic acts of violence and or terrorism in the U.S. in the late 1990s-early 2000s except...

al Qaeda destroyed a federal office building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people.

All of the following describe foreign policy during the Clinton administration except...

under Clinton's orders, the CIA secretly installed a military dictator in Haiti

The decision to ratify NAFTA resulted in...

massive demonstrations against NAFTA and other similar global trade treaties.

Newt Gingrich's "Contract for America"...

helped republicans successfully win both houses of Congress in 1994 and midterm election.

All of the following domestic struggles Clinton faced during his presidency except...

He was badly defeated in terms of popular vote in the 1996 presidential election due to low poll numbers.

The presidential election of 2000 was one of the closest in history because....

there was a very slim discrepancy of voters in florida and whomever received them would win the state and thus the election.

Which of the following correctly describes an aspect of George W. Bush;s policy in response to the attacks on September 11th?

He created the Department of Homeland Security to combat terrorism.

Part of Bush's domestic agenda included...

passing a controversial $350 billion tax cut.

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