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Shi cold

swollen, firm, cold, retracted scrotum or testicles, stone-like hardness, pain better w/ warmth, cold intolerance
T: white coat
P: deep, wiry

Shi cold (formula)

Jiao Gui Tang

Shi and xu cold (pts)

LV13, Ren6, KI6, LV1

Xu cold

testicular coldness and distention, lower abdomnial coldness and pain, better w/ warmth, cold intolerance, cold or numb extremities
T: pale w/ white coat
P: deep, thready, slow

xu cold (formula)

Nuan Gan Jian

Cold damp

Swollen, edematous, fluid, dragging discomfort, watery splash, scanty urination
T: thin, greasy coat
P: wiry

cold damp (formula)

Wu Ling San

cold damp (pts)

LV8, ST28, SP6, LV1

damp heat

red, swollen, painful, itchy, watery yellow exudate, fever, concentrated urination, irritability
T: greasy, yellow coat
P: wiry, rapid

damp heat (formula)

Da Fen Qing Yin
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang

damp heat (pts)

SP9, LV5, Ren3, KI6, LV1

LV qi stagnation

bilaterally or unilaterally swollen and distended, w/ radating to lower abdomen or lower back, aggrevated by anger, stress, etc., qi stag signs
T: pale, normal w/ a white coat
P: wiry

LV qi stagnation (formula)

Tian Tia Wu Yao San

LV qi stagnation (pts)

Ren6, SP6, LV2, GB41, LV3

qi xu

swollen, dropped, distended, aggrevated by fatigue, frequent urination, SP weakness
T: pale, swollen, toothmarks w/ thin coat
P: weak, wiry

qi xu (formula)

Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang

qi xu (pts)

Du20, ST36, Ren12, UB20, LV8, SP6


inguinal hernia
P: wiry or tight if pain

foxy (formula)

Dao Qi Tang

foxy (pts)

ST29, ST30, Ren4, ST40, LV12, LV1, LV3

phlegm and xue stagnation

swollen and hard w/ loss of testicular sensation
T: pale or sl. purple w/ thin or greasy white coat
P: deep

phlegm and xue stagnation (formula)

Ju He Wan

phlegm and xue stagnation (pts)

LV4, LV5, SP9, Ren3, LV8, ST29, UB32, SP6, LI4

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