Where the Red Fern Grows Vocabulary - Ch. 1-6

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amendsSomething done to make up for a wrong, an injury, or a mistake; compensationhillbillya negative name for a person from the backwoods or a mountain areasnickeredlaughed in a sly, silly way, to make fun of by laughingsqualla loud crycura dog of mixed breeddormantinactiveallottedto be given an equal part ofaromaticfragrantfesteredbecame painful or inflamed, sore, formed pusheftto judge the weight by liftingdestinationThe place to which something or someone is goingamendssomething done to make up for a fault or mistakestancemanner of standing, posturegritcourage and resolve; strength of character, determinationventuredTook a risky or dangerous stepanviliron block used in hammering out metalstrancein a daze or hypnotic state, daydreamqueryingquestioning; inquiring; doubtfulshuckscorn huskshamperinginterfering, impeding, hindering, holding backpain stakingvery thorough; careful