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What are three characteristics of expressways?

High speeds, medians separating lanes of opposing lanes of traffic, no cross traffic

Crashes are more ... on expressways


... are installed on the edge of roads to alert drivers who drift off the road

Rumble strips

... allow you to re-enter expressways by moving across the intersection of a secondary road

Diamond interchanges

... mph is the maximum speed on rural expressways in Virginia


Motorists should ideally enter expressways at ... traffic on the expressway

the same

If a driver misses an exit on an expressway they should ... to correct their direction

continue to the next exit

What is the correct procedure for entering a expressway? (6)

Read ramp signs, search ahead and behind for gaps in traffic, signal, adjust speed, merge, blend with traffic

Maintain a following distance of at least ... seconds on an expressway


When should drivers increase following distance? (3)

When weather conditions are poor, when following large trucks, when you are being tailgated

When signaling drivers should... (7)

Check traffic ahead, behind, and beside you, signal, select gap in traffic, check blind spots, adjust speed, steer smoothly into lane, and cancel signal

When exiting an expressway it is important to ... (4)

Plan in advance, signal changes in position, move to nearest lane, move into the deceleration lane of the exit

Is it okay to back up on an expressway?


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