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A chemical substance that is taken to change a persons body or behavior


A drug that slows the brain and body reactions


The state in which a person's mental and physical abilities are impaired by a substance


A period of time that an intoxicated person can not recall

Blood alcohol Concentration

The amount of alcohol in a person's blood, expressed as a percentage


Consequence of taking excessive amounts of a drug that leads to coma or death

Binge Drinking

The consumption of four or more drinks in one sitting


Liver disease in which it becomes filled with useless scar tissue, may lead to liver failure


A disease where a person is unable to control their alcohol use


Condition in which repeated use of a drug causes less effect on the brain


Condition that results when the brain develops a chemical need for a drug and can not function normally with out it


Strong craving for a drug

reverse tolerance

a condition in which less and less alcohol causes intoxication


The process of removing a drug from the body


A group of symptoms that occur when a dependent person stops taking a drug


Addictive chemical in tobacco products


A type of drug that increases the activity of the nervous system


A dark sticky substance that forms when tobacco burns


A substance known to cause cancer

carbon monoxide

A poisonous, colorless, odorless gas produced when substances are burned

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

A disease that results in the gradual loss of lung functioning

mainstream smoke

Smoke exhaled from the lungs of a smoker

sidestream smoke

Smoke directly from the burning end of a tobacco product

environmental tobacco smoke

A combination of sidestream and mainstream smoke


A legal drug that helps the body fight illness, injury, or disease

drug misuse

Unintentional improper use of medicines

drug abuse

Intentional improper use of drugs

psychoactive drug

A chemical that affects brain activity, mood altering drugs

side effect

An unwanted physical or mental effect caused by a drug


A condition when one drug's effects are canceled or reduced by another


A condition that occurs when drugs interact and produce a greater effect than when the drug is used alone


A class of depressant drugs


Any drug containing psychoactive compounds contained in the seed pods of poppy plants


A drug that distorts perception, thought, and mood

club drug

Drugs that first gained popularity at raves and dance clubs


a substance (other than food) that changes the way the mind or body functions

responsible use

correct use of legal drugs to promote health and well-being


the incorrect use of an over-the-counter or prescription drug


the intentional use of a drug without medical or health reasons

prescription drug

a medicine that can only be obtained with a written order from a licensed health professional


health professional who dispenses medicine prescribed by other health professional

generic drug

drug that contains same active ingredient as brand-name drug but is usually less expensive

brand-name drug

drugs with a registered name or trademark given by a pharmaceutical company

over-the-counter drug

a drug that can be purchased w/o prescription

physical dependence

condition in which a person develops a tolerance to a drug and the drug becomes necessary or the person experiences withdrawal symptoms

psychological dependence

a strong desire to continue using drugs for emotional reasons


a condition in which the body becomes used to a substance

withdrawal symptoms

an unpleasant reaction that occurs when a person who is physically dependent on a drug no longer takes it


a group of drugs that speed up central nervous system (ex. caffeine)


group of drugs that slows central nervous system (ex. anti-depressants)


a group of drugs that slow central nervous system, relieve pain, and slow body functions such as heart rate and breathing


drugs that interfere with senses and cause hallucinations (ex. LSD)


dried leaves from cannabis that contains drug THC

anabolic-androgenic steroids

a drug made from the hormone testosterone found in males


chemicals that affect mood and behavior when inhaled (ex. glue, hairspray)


drug found in certain beverages that depresses brain and nervous system

blood alcohol concentration

amount of alcohol in a person's blood


a disease in which there is a physical and psychological dependence on alcohol

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

recovery program for people with alcoholism


recovery program for friends/family of alcoholic


recovery program for teens who have friends/parents/family who are alcoholics


a plant that contains nicotine


a stimulant drug found in tobacco products

smokeless tobacco

tobacco that is chewed or snorted


tobacco product made from powdered tobacco leaves/stems that is snorted or placed between gum and cheek


chemical known to cause cancer


sticky, thick fluid formed when tobacco is burned

carbon monoxide

odorless, tasteless gas

secondhand smoke

exhaled smoke and side-stream smoke

side-stream smoke

smoke from the end of the cigarette

mainstream smoke

smoke inhaled into the smoker's mouth and lung

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