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Telling time: Il est quelle heure?

Learning to tell time in French can be hard, however, if you know your French numbers then it should be a breeze. Example: Il est quelle heure? (What time is it?) Il est... (insert time here) heures, like: il est une heure (It's 1 o'clock...notice no "s" with "heure" here because one hour or 1 o'clock is singular. Other hours use the "s" because they are more than one like 2, 3, etc.) In addition, it's a lot harder telling time once you get past the regular time and then go to military time(and…

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Il est quelle heure?
What time is it?
Il est dix heures.
It's ten o'clock.
Il est huit heures.
It's eight o'clock.
Il est une heure.
It's one o'clock.
Il est midi.
It's noon.
Il est dix heures vingt.
It's 10:20.
Il est neuf heures et demie.
It's 9:30.
Il est midi et demie.
It's 12:30 (afternoon).
Il est cinq heures moins dix.
It's 4:50.
Il est deux heures et quart.
It's 2:15.
Il est onze heures moins le quart.
It's 10:45.
du matin
in the morning
de l'après-midi
in the afternoon
du soir
in the evening
Il est minuit.
It's midnight.
Il est minuit vingt.
It's 12:20 (past midnight).
Il est une heure moins vingt-cinq.
It's 12:35 (in the afternoon).
Il est sept heures treize.
It's 7:13.
Il est trois heures seize.
It's 3:16.
Il est onze heures huit.
It's 11:08.
Il est dix heures moins cinq.
It's 9:55.