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i screwed up and the flash card sets that are named after dynasties aren't really about those dynasties sorry :/

Sima Qian

A historian who wrote the first complete history book on China

Ban Zhao

Ancient China's greatest woman scholar. Wrote Lessons for Women - a book of moral advice for unmarried palace ladies

Zhang Qian

Leader of an expedition to travel westward to meet with other leaders in order to defeat the Xiongnu. Brought back exotic animals, plants, and information 12 years later.

Dynastic Cycle

the historical pattern of the rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties


A political system in which nobles, loyal to the king, are given a lot of freedom and autonomy.

Yin and Yang

in Chinese thought, the two powers that govern the natural rhythms of life. The first one is the passive, negative force, and the second one the active, positive force

Mandate of Heaven

A gift from the devine giving the current leader wisdom and power.

Trigrams and Hexagrams

Ideas represented by broken or solid lines - used in the place of oracle bones for fortune telling.

Night soil

Human excrements used as fertilizer

Spring and Autumn Period

First period of the Eastern Zhou. Zhou dynasty's decline. Many nobleties were the size of small countries, and had the army to boot. Everybody was paranoid. 771 BCE - 476 BCE

Warring States Period

Second period of the Eastern Zhou. 7 states fought to rule China. The warring states were the kingdoms of Zhao, Wei, Han, Qin, Qi, Yan, and Chu. 403 BCE - 221 BCE

The Shi

A group of talented commoners trained in special schools to become scribes, chroniclers, and philosophers.

King Wu

Founder of the Zhou dynasty in China. Built capital of Shang' An. Let Shang people survive. Expanded kingdom.

The Duke of Zhou

King Wu's brother - Was appointed regent when King Wu died. Expanded Zhou dynasty, established feudalism system. Highly loved.

King Ping

One of the final Zhou kings. Was a puppet king - had no power.

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