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We went to Chinatown to eat Chinese food now!


I have not been to Chinatown, do not know where Chinatown.


No problem, you drive, I'll tell you how to get there.


Do you have a map? Show me.


Map in the dorm, I forgot to come.


No map, how do wrong?

没有地图 没关系, 中国城 我去过很多次,不用地图
也能找到7。你从这儿 一直往南开,过三个路口,往西一拐就到了

No map does not matter, I have been to Chinatown many times, do not map
Can also be found 7. You have been going south from here, over three blocks, west one Abduction to go.


Ah, I don't know my East, South, West and North.


Then drive straight, pass three traffic lights and turn to the right.


No, no. You see, this intersection can only turn left, you can not turn right.


That is the next intersection. Turn right, drive another. To, to, you see? There are many Chinese characters in front.


That is not Chinese, it is Japanese, we went to Little Tokyo has.


Is not it? That we do not eat Chinese food, and eat Japanese food now!

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