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substance that prevents the growth of disease


antibiotic made naturally


city in maryland


chinese god


Instrument used to look at bacteria closely and things that are impossible to see with the naked eye


measuring the characteristics of the eye


glass piece, makes images bigger, used in microscopes


substances unable to be seen with naked eye. carries diseases

Jimson Weed

Coarse poisonous plant

David Hunter Strother

Famous American Magazine Illustrator

Captain Turner Ashbey

civil war confederate brigadier general


microscopic organism

big field gang slavery

large plantations for people who had more slaves

virginia military institute

military college


medical instrument used listen to the human heart/ lungs


bitter crystalline compound

pleurisy rales

inflammation of the lungs

bleeding off

to lose blood due to a rupture of blood vessels

90 day stint

a period of 90 days when soldiers are in battle


spread a foam made of soap and water over something



Harper's Ferry

Location of federal arsenal that John Brown raided to get guns to arm slaves


a drawing of the outline of an object

patrician breeding

fancy ppl marrying of fancy ppl

parlor game

a game suitable for playing in a parlor


someone who has been admitted to a college or university

oberon college


yankee army


"Life Lines"

palme reading the telling of what will happen in your life based on creases in palm

Baltimore and Ohio RR

1st public RR


oil used on furniture and leather


a brutal person

White Trash Mongrels

insult used to express negative feelings to others in moments of disgust


3rd book in bible


christian religion

clark county rifles

guns used during battle

recruiting agent

a person who enlists people in the army

home guard

a volunteer unit formed to defend the homeland while the regular army is fighting elsewhere


lodging for a soldier


the localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)

palm reading

telling fortunes by lines on the palm of the hand


a merchant who owns or manages a shop

Army N. Virginia

confederate army form n virginia

battle of manassas

won by the south which made them think they would win the war, and the north knew they would have to work harder to win.

war of Roses

conflict between two rival branches, York and Lancaster, in England


A religious group that believe all people are equal and are basically good. They feel that violence is always wrong, and refused to carry guns or fight. They also believe in solving all problems peacefully.

virginia grays

another name for the confederate army of N. Virginia

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