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  1. Bartolome de Las Casas
  2. Alvarez Cabral
  3. Quechua
  4. Andes Mountains
  5. Capitalism
  1. a economic system based on private ownership and investment of resources for profit
  2. b single spoken language of the Inca, united them
  3. c in South America; stretch 4,500 mi down western edge; soil poor, snow covered mountain peaks year round, voerland travel difficult, hot during day and cold at night (Chavin, Nazca, Moche, Inca)
  4. d Spanish monk who criticized the encomienda system and the brutal treatment of Native Americans, which resulted in the Spanish abolishing the encomienda system (convinced king to end it because of atrocities) but they needed labor; suggested use of Africans (less likely to die from European diseases), regretted the suggestion (didn't know they would be treated as badly/worse) because slave trade increased dramatically 8responsible for African slave trade*
  5. e Portuguese explorer who claimed Brazil which became a Portuguese colony

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  1. Mayan city-state whose buildings lined up with specific celestial movements (astronomical city map)
  2. in Pensilvania, earlier than Clovis and Monte Verde (13,000 BC), 1,000 years before the glacial passage
  3. rise in price of goods because people have more money to spend which leads to increased demand while the supply of goods is less than the demand; goods are scarce and valuable; increased economic activity and increased money supply of a country causes this
  4. golden age in 1500s; South America; began in Valley of Cuzco;; believed king was descendant of sun god (Inti); expanded to include 2500 mi and 16 million people; united empire through bureaucracy, road system, single spoken language (Quechua), record keeping system, school system that taught values; government offices built throughout empire of stone without use of iron tools or mortar (chiseled away stone to fit blocks together, like puzzle pieces); had terraces for farming, 14,000 mi of roads and brigbes- even had guest houses for the travelers, had chasquis; never developed writing system- history and literature memorized and passed on orally; worship nature gods
  5. in Chichen Itza (Mayan); had 365 steps, one for each day of the year; devoted to the serpent god and designed to display a shadow of a serpent on the steps

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  1. Spainsun god of Inca; only men from one of the 11 lineages believed to be descendants of him could be chosen king


  2. Clovis2/4 in Spanish social pyramid in colonies; born in America to two Spanish parents, have good (but not best) jobs and land; not as important because not born in home country


  3. Temple of the Sunin Cuzco (Inca); sacred shrine, walls coated in gold to reflect the sun


  4. Columbian Exchangeglobal trasnfer of foods, plants, animals, and diseases during civilization of the Americas


  5. Olmec100-700 AD; civilization along coastal plane of S. America; produced bean, corn, squash, fed on fish of Pacific; gold jewelry and beautiful pottery; doctors operated on patients- conducted brain surgery (people survived)