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  1. astrolabe
  2. self-sufficient
  3. Temple of the Sun
  4. Alvarez Cabral
  5. magnetic compass
  1. a Portuguese explorer who claimed Brazil which became a Portuguese colony
  2. b Chinese invention that helped sailors determine their direction (N/S/E/W)
  3. c Muslim invention; allowed sailors to determine their latitude
  4. d what a mother country became as a result of mercantilism using colonies
  5. e in Cuzco (Inca); sacred shrine, walls coated in gold to reflect the sun

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  1. extended family groups of the Inca who worked together to complete a mita
  2. belief of many gods
  3. wooly rhinocerous, mastodon, lions, saber tooth tiger, giant ground sloth
  4. in South America; earliest artifacts in the Americas; dated around 50,000 BC
  5. Incan city; important religious center or possibly retreat for Incan rulers; very beautiful, peaceful, in the mountains

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  1. Tenochtitlangreat city of Aztec, home to 400,000 people; in Lake Texcoco, island connected to mainland by three causeways (drawbridges); roads and canals cross teh city, center had a thriving market, walled complex containing palaces, government buildings, and the Great Temple; many chinampas (floating gardens)


  2. bloodlettingdone by Mayan kings- pull rope laced with thorns through genitals and tongue; royal blood believed to bring rain and sun; resulted in easy spread of Christianity among Maya because idea of a god shedding blood for his people not new to them


  3. Columbian Exchangeruler of Inca during golden age (1500s); death from small pox unleased civil war between his two suns


  4. Popol VuhMayan book; written after the arrival of the Spanish


  5. Prince Henry the Navigatorworship nature gods of moon, stars, thunder, etc. men and women selected to serve as full-time religious workers; sacrificed llamas and distribute goods to people