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  1. Inca Government
  2. Capitalism
  3. Inti
  4. Decline of Maya
  5. Peninsulares
  1. a mysterious, in 800s when they abandoned their cities; warfare between the city-states may have disrupted trade and left them vulnerable to Toltec invaders (north); population growth led to over farming and famine, 800s were dry (poor harvests--> people lose faith in kings because royal blood not bringing victory or good harvests
  2. b 1/4 top of Spanish social pyramid in colonies; born in Spain, have best jobs and land
  3. c king governs empire; bureaucracy; total control over the economy- command economy (little private trade allowed) ;each subject had to pay mita (labor tribute)
  4. d sun god of Inca; only men from one of the 11 lineages believed to be descendants of him could be chosen king
  5. e economic system based on private ownership and investment of resources for profit

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  1. what a mother country became as a result of mercantilism using colonies
  2. 200 BC-600 AD; along coastal plain of S. America; extensive irrigation systems (underground canals caught rain water which was scarce- need to catch as much before it evaporates) to farm land; best known for the Nazca lines
  3. built by ayllus (Inca) as part of their mita, used to increase agricultural production; steps on side of a mountain
  4. envious of Portugal's success; set out to find own passage to Asia; Christopher Columbus; competed with Portuguese as a result of claims made by Ferdinand Magellan; decided to establish colonies in the Western Hemisphere, particularly American mainland, after conquering Aztec and Inca, set up colonies in Americas
  5. land bridge that connected Americas to Asia in las ice age; glaciers reduced sea levels and exposed ocean floor, so in 12,000 BC, hunter-gatherers followed animals across the land brige; glaciers receded afterwards, so it was covered with water, became the Bering Strait

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  1. Ferdinand Magellancompeted with Portugal and Spain for the control of the Asian spice trade


  2. Great Pyramid at La Ventaserved as a tomb for a powerful Olmec ruler, observatory, or a religious center


  3. Bartolomeu DiasPortuguese explorer who in 1488 led the first expedition to sail around the southern tip of Africa from the Atlantic and sight the Indian Ocean. (first to round the trip of Africa); 1487-1488, approached tip of Africa-->went south of cape-->go up north-->round tip of Africa-->come home; king named it the "cape of good hope"; for the first time, Europeans can trade directly with India and Asia without middlemen, which increased the power of Europe


  4. Incan roads14,000 mi, united the empire; up mountain sides in a zigzag formation to reduce steepness of the climb- Inca have larger lungs (in higher elevation, less O2)


  5. animals in early Americawooly rhinocerous, mastodon, lions, saber tooth tiger, giant ground sloth


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