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The practice of not injuring any living thing


The murder of a political figure


a religion practiced in many countries in Prsia. Followers believe life is suffering, but you can reach peace.


A class that a person belongs to for life

Civil disobedience

The refusal to create or to obey laws believed to be unfair.


A divine moral duty to live to the best of your ability.


A religion mainly practiced in India. Believe in many Gods and reincarnation.


One nation under the control of another as a colony.


The belief that every thing a person does has a consequence good deeds and bad deeds can cause happiness and sadness in a persons life.


An exercise of the mind devoted to quiet thinking.


A seasonal win in South Asia that bring heavy rain.


People from central Asia who founded an emperior in India.


A perfect feeling achieved when the soul lets go of greed and hate.


the division of a country


a gap between mountains


the belief that after death the spirit is reborn in another body.


a large section of a continent


a Hindu discipline that uses mental and physical exercise to gain perfect understanding.

3 events that led to the decline of the destruction of Indus

flood, wood, aryans

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