Russian Revolution & Creation of the Soviet Union

Totalitarian Rule
Strong state rule where the subjects show an absolute obedience to authority. single party/leader who controls all aspects of the people's lives
March Revolution
Series of strikes and revolts in 1917 which ultimately led to the collapse of the Czarist regime and Provisional Government was put in place.
November Revolution
Nov. 1917 when Lenin and Bolshevik followers over threw provisional government and took over the Russian government
Radical Marxist political party founded by Vladimir Lenin in 1903. Under Lenin's leadership, the Bolsheviks seized power in November 1917 during the Russian Revolution.
Red Army
were armed groups of workers formed in the time frame of the Russian Revolution of 1917., The Soviet Army during the Russian Civil War.
White Army
The Army of supporters of monarchy and the old order
Treaty Of Brest-Litovsk
treaty between Russia and Germany that would end Russia's involvement in WWI in 1917
Was an international communist organization founded in March of 1919 by Lenin, this thing wanted to overthrow the international Bourgeoisie and create a socialist state.
Five Year Plan
Stalin's economic policy to rebuild the Soviet economy after WWI. tried to improve heavy industry and improve farm output, but resulted in famine