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Islam and the Islamic Empire

according to islam, much of Muhammad's message came to him from conversions with?
the Angel Gabriel
the "peoples of the Book" were more favored under Islamic rule than other non-Muslims.
Christians and jews
the flight of Muhammad from Mecca, and the beginning of the muslim calendar:
According to Islam, the rules for righteous living included
prayer 10 daily
Generally non-Muslims found Islamic rule to be
tolerant and flexible
one of the Abbasid's first acts was the transfer of the muslim capital from were to were
Damascus to Baghdad
a major disagreement arose between shi'ite and sunni muslims over the question of
which caliphs held rightful authority
islamic studies in sciences began with muslim scholars' recovery of what
ancient greek sources
the first rulers after the death of mohammed were known as
the rightly guided caliphs
the main language of the islamic civilization is
in 1055, Baghdad was captured by who
seljuk Turks
the Kaaba was
a stone building filled with idols
part of the muslim faith was jihad (aka)
the struggle to defend faith
in general, islamic invaders
tolerated other religions
what didn't occurr during the umayyad dynasty
Muslims conquered Greece
the Umayyad dynasty was replaced by the
one of the five pillars of islam, the hajja is
a pilgrimage to mecca
According to islamic belief, muhammad is
the prophet of allah
for muslims, obeying allah's will means
the five pillars of islam
resentment against Umayyad rule grew because
non-arab muslims didn't like the way local administrators favored arabs.
y are there no representations of the prophet muhammad adoringin mosques?
The hadith warns against any attempt to imitate god by creating pictures of living beings